What kind of women do Gemini men love?

Easy-going, cheerful and independent Gemini attracts women like a magnet. Despite the abundance of positive qualities, getting along with a Gemini can be difficult. This sign combines both the masculine and feminine side of human nature. This explains the inconstancy of “air” men. It’s easy to befriend him, but what about partnership?

Gemini men women

Relationships with women

Thanks to their sociability, Gemini easily find a common language with representatives of all 12 representatives of the zodiacal constellations. A flexible mind allows them to find an approach to any of them in just a few minutes. Do not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself under the spell of an outwardly completely ordinary Gemini man. Their charm brightens up any flaws.

These extraordinary personalities are most often looking for a girl to match themselves. For example, the charismatic Gemini Johnny Depp admitted that he always liked expressive ladies:

“Part of my being loves dating a girl who is constantly screaming and stamping her feet when no one knows how it will end. It upsets me, but I do not lose hope. “

The sign of Gemini is naturally curious, which means that a girl must be smart enough to interest her partner. They part with boring people as easily as a child with a boring toy. Gemini are not attached to people, so you have to try to win the heart of a fickle gentleman with intelligence and funny jokes.

Gemini do not strive for leadership in a couple, so they can coexist next to strong women. Mario Casas, another of the representatives of the air constellation, is not at all against the atypical role model of the family, where a woman is the leader.

The companion of the Gemini man

“I don’t understand when people start saying“ here a woman should do one thing, and a man should do something else ”. I am for equality. “

Gemini’s favorite women

Since Gemini is visual, they love with their eyes. Gemini men are attracted by beautiful girls with an athletic body who know how to present themselves in a favorable light. Gray mice are certainly not their type.

Gemini can’t stand sloppy girls. If you decide to win the heart of such a guy, pay attention to your appearance. Hair should be neatly styled, clothes should be clean and ironed, and manicure should be perfect. And leave aside bad habits and vulgar manners.

If a Gemini falls in love, he absolutely does not care about hair color, height and other little things. Also, he will not care what family you are from and how much money you have. For example, the idol of the younger generation, Chris Evans said that he likes simple girls more:

“I prefer girls dressed in jeans and sneakers … and with ponytails! I don’t like mannered girls, well, such dummy “la-la-di-da-da”. These goodies usually live in Los Angeles. “

Gemini's intimate relationship
The sexual side of relationships is also important for Gemini. They love experiments and want the partner to support all the original ideas of her man. They get the greatest pleasure not from the process itself, but from the anticipation of an interesting game.

Compatibility with other zodiac signs

Gemini lose their head from women of fire signs – Aries, Lions, Sagittarius. They are united by the desire for freedom, flexibility in relationships and expressiveness. These couples will certainly not hold back their emotions.

A good marriage can grow out of the union of Gemini and Libra. It may seem that Libra is too vulnerable and shy, but this does not stop them from being attractive in the eyes of men. For Gemini, they remain a mystery for a long time that they want to know.

Gemini and Scorpio have completely different ideas about marriage. A man will not be able to endure constant criticism from his lady of the heart, and she will not forgive his betrayal. This union is unlikely to last long. There are also happy occasions where both partners are gentle enough to come to terms with each other’s shortcomings, but this is rare.

The relationship of two Gemini is an explosion of feelings. Full romantic and sexual compatibility. Unfortunately, this idyll lasts too little. The partners will disperse immediately after the storm of passions subsides.

Gemini man and woman

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