What kind of women do Libra men love?

Gallant and polite by nature, men born in the fall are able to win the heart of the most inaccessible beauty. These are real knights, ready to rush to protect a girl in trouble. Libra men have a natural magnetism that attracts the eyes of almost all women to them. It is easy to attract the attention of a representative of Air, but in order to keep him close, you need to work hard. It is sometimes impossible to replicate the ideal image created by the Libra’s imagination.

What kind of women do Libra men like?

Character features of the representative of Air

Men born under the constellation Libra are distinguished by a soft and kind disposition, which attracts women to them. The charming and attractive representative of Air is constantly surrounded by friends and ladies. His house is rarely empty, so he is looking for a companion responsibly and seriously.

This is a loyal and reliable friend who will always come to the rescue in difficult times. Devotion to friendship and love is inherent in Libra from birth – they know how hard it is to remain without support in trouble. They don’t waste words, they just help friends and family. This is a devoted friend, whose shoulder will always be there in difficult times.

The Libra man does not make long-term plans. His credo is to live here and now. Planning for the future is a waste of time for them. During this time, a lot can happen, so you should not engage in empty pastime. But Libra’s nose is held downwind so as not to miss a favorable moment for change.

Representatives of this zodiac sign do not like to take the initiative in love affairs, but prefers to take the position of an observer. The ideal image has long been created and takes a secluded place in the heart, which makes it possible to make the only choice in a round dance of adorers.

Libras are inveterate romantics and dreamers, but at the same time they are idealists. They are quite demanding to their chosen one, but not serious. They share all their experiences and doubts, and also will never hide their true feelings. The girl will always know what is happening inside her beloved man and what he thinks about. This makes communication much easier.

Libra characteristics

The famous Russian theater and film actor S. Bezrukov does not get tired of telling everyone that: “A woman can feel like a woman only when she loves. And loved. “

He himself will never take the first step towards marriage, but he will not interfere with such desires of his companion. The main thing for him is the happiness and well-being of his girlfriend. Here it is important for him that their thoughts about the family and the presence of ideal qualities in a woman are consonant.

What are Libra men interested in in women?

Finding a way to his heart is easy enough, but it’s also easy to lose favor. Do not relax at the first successful steps. He falls in love quickly, but one careless word and action can push him away forever. For Libra, everything is important – appearance, housekeeping skills, culinary ability, character and many other advantages. Here you need to carefully and critically assess your advantages over rivals and profitably present them to your chosen one.

External attractiveness must be in harmony with the inner world, which creates a unique and attractive image in his eyes. Men under the influence of Air are dependent on friends and family. Their assessment is very important for them, so the companion should be liked not only by him, but also by his close circle. He must each be convinced of the correctness of his choice, which he will demonstrate to friends and family on a daily basis.

Libra women men

You can interest a Libra man with the following qualities:

  • A woman should be able to make decisions on her own without waiting for her chosen one. Representatives of this zodiac sign are rather slow in such matters, therefore they are waiting for the first step from their companion. But this must be done gently and unobtrusively, so as not to offend his manhood. This can be presented as advice or in the form of encouragement, which will only prove his right choice, made a long time ago.
  • When deciding whether to live with Libra, it is worth giving up verbal squabbles and scandals. It is better to agree with them, rather than argue. This is a sign that categorically does not accept rudeness and shouting. Everything should be decided calmly and peacefully – for this he will give his love and gratitude.
  • He needs a restrained and calm companion who is able to adequately and balancedly perceive all the vicissitudes of life. Libra men are distinguished by increased emotionality, which makes it difficult to make the necessary decisions at a crucial moment for them. A woman’s ability to control her own emotions will be a clear advantage in the struggle for his heart.
  • He must be accepted and loved for who he is. You should not focus on his shortcomings and weaknesses, especially in moments of quarrels. This will push him away from you and cause a breakup. Libra reacts sharply to accusations against them, which hurts them to the core.
  • The opinion of the close circle means a lot to Libra, so it is worth making a positive impression on friends and family. A loved one is the soul of the company, which he wants to see in his companion. Here you need to show imagination and all your charm in order to enlist the support of the loved ones of the chosen one.

Get the attention of the Libra men

What not to do when winning the heart of the air sign of the zodiac?

Conquering Libra is easy enough, but pushing him into a serious relationship will have to work hard. Pushing him away is easy enough, so you need to be careful and careful. There are several points that mean a lot to him and will have some weight in making an important decision.

The representatives of Air cannot be controlled and tried to lead them – this will lead to a rupture. It will not work to remake it according to your preferences and desires, but it will help push him away from you. Personal freedom and personal values ​​mean a lot to him, so you should not encroach on this area. You cannot tell him what to do at the moment and with whom to communicate. This is totally unacceptable.

“Movies and friends come first to me, and family comes second. Tatiana accepted this cross because, apparently, there is something more behind it. I cannot allow anyone to own me, as soon as I feel a taut leash, I tear it, ”says N. Mikhalkov about relationships with women.

Intimacy for Libra is equally important, so you need to take it seriously. Emancipation and a willingness to experiment are needed here. If women have little experience in this, you should not be ashamed of this, but you must honestly confess to your partner. He will appreciate it and will make every effort to awaken sensuality in his partner.

Libra intimacy

The Libra man is distinguished by a cheerful and kind disposition, which will be reflected in the relationship. Correctly constructed communication and behavior will give a lot of pleasant moments and a sea of ​​love from your partner. You just need to show a willingness to accept him for who he is with all his shortcomings, and he will make every effort to make the woman next to him pleasant and comfortable.

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