What kind of women do rich, successful men like and how to match their tastes?

What kind of women do rich men like?The loneliness of a rich man is rare. As a rule, businessmen and oligarchs are surrounded by female attention so much that the criteria that a life partner must meet rise to astronomical heights.

What kind of wives are successful men looking for?, and what awaits them in such a relationship?

If your husband has lost his job – how to support him and help him in a difficult situation?

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The ideal woman of a wealthy man – what is she?

Of course, every person is different. But rich and successful people live according to different “laws”: status – it obliges. This also applies to the choice of a life partner.

What is she – the ideal woman for a rich man?

  • Age. First of all, the girl must be much younger. In order not to be ashamed to bring her out and show her friends, so that she is healthy enough for the birth of his heirs. That is, the younger, the better (as life shows, even a difference of 50 years no longer bothers anyone).
  • Household skills and talents. This criterion is usually not even considered. For a rich man, a servant is in charge of household affairs, therefore, such abilities of the chosen one as baking pies, cleaning the house, bleaching shirts, etc., do not matter. Not able – and okay.
  • Education. Again, an insignificant criterion. A woman can look into the neckline, into her pedigree, and even into her mouth (are the teeth good?), But no one will look into the diploma.
  • IQ level. A complete fool is good for fun on the side. Nobody will take a stupid woman as a wife. But a wife that is too smart is a blow to a man’s pride, so a wise woman always looks a little more stupid than her husband.
  • Appearance. Of course, a woman should be breathtakingly beautiful, well-groomed, stylish and deliciously smelling. Even if she just crawled out of bed or, conversely, only crawled into it after a hard working day of business. A beautiful wife is like a business card for a successful man.
  • Children. Not every successful man is ready for children. Although, it is worth noting that the majority still strive to expand the family. The heir is one of the moments of self-affirmation, a profitable investment of money and another facet of status. True, governess usually takes care of children – dad simply has no time, and mom is not supposed to be in terms of status.
  • Job. Of course, in most cases, successful men choose women who will humbly and patiently wait for them at home with warm hugs, tenderness and forgiveness in their eyes (in advance for the future, if anything). The wife should blow the dust off him, always be in a good mood, understand everything and agree with everything. He said that he was at the meeting until 3 am, which means he was. He said that there were no women in the sauna at the meeting with partners – that means there weren’t any. Work is an unaffordable luxury. But it is worth noting that the wives of many successful famous men do not just work, but have their own business – and quite successful. So it all depends on the character and wishes of the man – there is no single requirement here. It is clear that a man is more likely to pay attention to a successful, accomplished and “dear” woman than to a stupid, albeit pretty, girl who is nothing. Another question is whether he will then leave this successful woman the opportunity to work or put her children at home.
  • Nobody likes a squander. Especially men who can count money. Passion for branded items and meaningless shopping will not resonate in the heart of a successful man.
  • Social status. Stories about Cinderella are still relevant today. But this is more the exception than the rule. Of course, status no longer has the same meaning as before, and even the word “misalliance” is forgotten as a relic of the past, but still, a successful man is unlikely to look for a wife in a bakery around the corner. That is, a woman of a wealthy man should also have a certain status.
  • Someone else’s children. This exception is even rarer than misalliance. Successful men bypass women with children, with stamps about divorce, with a bunch of skeletons in the closet, etc. Be sure, by the time the relationship starts, he will already know everything about his chosen one.

Examples of happy relationships – so what kind of women do successful men like?

  • Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova

The well-known former “owner” of Chukotka met a new life partner at a football club party. The girl did not have to be brought out – “Cinderella” turned out to be the daughter of an oil tycoon and quite a successful business woman.

Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova

In 2009, the couple had a son, Aaron, and in 2013, a daughter, Leia. However, Mendelssohn’s march never sounded. Why – history is silent.

Despite the lack of marriage stamps, the couple is quite strong and happy. There is no self-interest in a relationship – both are self-sufficient, rich and famous.

  • Phil Ruffin and Sasha Nikolaenko

This alliance has been whispered all over the world: 27-year-old Miss Ukraine and Donald Trump’s aging (approx. 36 years older) business partner.

Phil Ruffin and Sasha Nikolaenko

It is not for us to judge what exactly connected this couple, but they quite happily live to this day and raise children. The billionaire (220th in the list of the richest suitors in the United States) noticed Sasha at a business dinner and made an offer.

Today the girl hosts the Miss Ukraine contest and also helps her husband in his business. Phil himself speaks highly of both Sasha herself and her business acumen.

  • Hugh Laurie and Joe Green

Yes, everyone knows Dr. House. It is impossible to compare his wife with the on-screen lover Dr. Cuddy. Outwardly, Joe (a former theater manager) is rude and unfeminine. That, however, does not prevent Hugh Laurie from loving her for many years for her “logical thinking”, intelligence, tests passed and the accumulated experience of family life, which even the actor’s affair could not prevent.

Hugh Laurie and Joe Green

The couple has three children. Joe did not become his wife right away – the “young” were friends for a long time before realizing that they were bound by a much stronger feeling.

Today Joe helps her husband in his career, supports him in all his endeavors and, of course, provides a reliable home base.

  • Irina Viner and Alisher Usmanov

She is a coach (known to all) in rhythmic gymnastics. He is one of those who are called oligarchs.

Their acquaintance took place in their youth, but fate was adamant – Irina got married, and Alisher went to study in Moscow. It was in the capital that they met again. Irina, who had already experienced a divorce, was in no hurry to the registry office, but surrendered before Alisher’s pressure.

Irina Viner and Alisher Usmanov

The cloudless life together was interrupted by the “Cotton Case” and the arrest of Usmanov. Irina did not give up and did not complain – she visited, waited, worked. While still behind bars, Alisher proposed to her.

After 6 years of waiting, they are together again. In 2000, Usmanov was rehabilitated, and the criminal case was declared fabricated. A marriage that can be set as an example for all young couples – honest, trusting and strong relationship, absolute respect, mutual understanding and trust in each other.

If your husband is not a millionaire, you can help him become rich.

Women love wealthy successful men – are they ready to be with them?

Living with a rich man isn’t just about expensive cars, dining out, jewelry, and parties. First of all, family life is everyday life. Which, by the way, for rich people is very different from the life of “mere mortals”.

What can wait for the chosen one of a wealthy person? What to be ready for?

  • Age difference. It only seems – where it is 10 years, there is 20, or even 30. “In our time – is it all the same!”. But no. Not all the same. At first, the age difference is covered by the “benefits received”. But over time, not only disagreements (quite logical) enter family life, but also a gradual physical distance from each other. A young beautiful woman begins to look at her husband’s younger wealthy friends, and it is extremely rare for a marriage to survive until the grave. Usually it ends with a loud scandal and the division of property.
  • Jealousy. Of course, the husband will be jealous of his young beauty-wife for every “pillar”. And jealousy will be justified.
  • A rare oligarch’s wife feels happy. The thrill of love is from another opera. And it’s good if there is simply no romance and this very “awe”. It is worse when a woman is treated like furniture. Which can not only be moved to another room if unnecessary, but also kicked in a fit of anger.
  • Risks. Wealth and success always go alongside crime. Moreover, the risk here is double-edged: the wife (child) can be kidnapped for ransom, the husband can be removed as a competitor, or even put behind bars if his welfare is by no means “honestly acquired.”
  • Bankruptcy. Nobody is immune from these risks. There are many known cases when millionaires suddenly remained at a broken trough.
  • Free movement of the wife is from the category of fantasy. The oligarch’s wife is not only under the gun of the ubiquitous paparazzi, but also under the vigilant control of her husband.
  • Feeling lonely. You can’t get away from him. Dear spouse, even if he is truly beloved and desired, he spends most of his time at work, or even in another country. Out of despair and melancholy, many wives of the rich find an outlet on the side (which then, of course, pops up) or in a bottle (which also does not end well).
  • Even if the wife is raising the children without the help of a nanny, the husband still does not take part in this process. Because there is no time. The task of the wife is their upbringing, his task is to be proud of them (or to get them out of the troubles, which the “golden youth” often find themselves in).
  • Equality is an empty phrase. If a woman cannot boast of her own business, acumen, fortune, then only the role of a “kept woman” shines for her, which sooner or later will become boring and humiliating. Addiction does not provide opportunities to “dictate terms.”
  • Loss of girlfriends. No, of course, they will be – only new ones. Which will become “equal” in terms of social status. Friendship with friends from the past “poor” life will end immediately, as soon as they feel the difference in status. This will happen automatically, and there is no way to change it.
  • A woman’s interests and hobbies will be filtered and weeded out, according to the opinion of the spouse. Most often, oligarchs’ wives have to receive pleasure only within the bounds of what is permitted.
  • Jealousy. And from her, too, there is no escape. Young fans of the spouse will curl around him almost around the clock. And the wife will have to either accept everything as it is and close her eyes, or constantly drink valerian until the nervous system gives a final breakdown.

Of course, everything is relative. And there are successful wealthy men who carry their “Cinderellas” in their arms, and “the whole world” is thrown at their feet. But these are rather exceptions.

If you are not from the world of “rich and successful”, if you cannot boast of independence, then family life will be difficult and unpredictable. However, everyone has their own fate.

The main thing is to preserve love and relationships under any circumstances!

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