What man should you marry? 7 signs of a good husband

Very often you can find on the forums the question “girls, help me, I want to marry my man, I want to build a family with him. But how do you know if he will be a good husband? ”

Each of us wants to find a worthy man who has a whole list of positive qualities. And it happens that we pay attention to something that is not really important at all.

What man can you safely marry?  7 signs of a good husband

However, there are certain qualities that a good husband possesses.

1. Reliability

Is your partner reliable enough? Can you lean on him in difficult times? This quality is extremely important, because everything in our life does not always go as it should. And you need to be sure that your man will always be able to support you or make a decision. A reliable man has his own principles that he follows. And he will keep his word and will not promise what he cannot fulfill. With such a man you will be “like a stone wall.”

My friend dated a man for 2 years before he introduced her to her daughter about her first marriage. Seeing with what care the beloved treats his daughter, I realized that he would treat their child the same way. Indeed, he is the most reliable and caring husband and father.

What man can you safely marry?  7 signs of a good husband

2. Responsibility

A man, in principle, tends to take responsibility for someone – from this, an inner masculine strength appears in him. Responsibility means being a support for the family, being responsible for the family financially, protecting from problems and worries.

A man who believes that you can simply live “as you want” without taking on obligations, and who accuses a woman of commercialism, is a surrendered man who does not believe in himself and his strength. You shouldn’t marry such a person.

3. Emotional stability

Notice how a man reacts to a slight “prick” of jealousy. Provoke him a little. If your man gets into an uncontrollable rage, run away from him. Only expect trouble from him. A man should be emotionally calm and stable.

What man can you safely marry?  7 signs of a good husband

And my grandmother also checked my mother’s suitors. She offered them a drink. After all, a drunk man immediately reveals his essence. If he becomes aggressive and angry, then there will be big problems with him in the future. If, on the contrary, the man became kind and cheerful, it means that he will be affectionate with his wife and children. So my dad was chosen for mom – he was the soul of the company. Kind, reliable and calm.

4. Loyalty

A very important and rare quality for a man. Faithfulness must be manifested not only physically, but also verbally. If your man behind his back complains about you to his family or friends, this is a bad sign. Infidelity can destroy even the most ideal couple, such as: Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky or Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchadzhioglu. If there is no loyalty, then there is no family.

5. Absence of bad habits, addictions

Addictions have destroyed many families. In such a relationship, neither you nor the children will be happy. Even if at the beginning of the relationship the addiction does not seem so serious, then the situation will worsen later.

What man can you safely marry?  7 signs of a good husband

We know many examples when a destructive habit destroyed the destinies of people. Remember the relationship between Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vladi. How many times has a Frenchwoman saved a musician from death, coded him, begged him, left him, and immediately returned. And the recent passions of Oksana Samoilova and Dzhigan are worth something! No and no.

6. Joint plans

You and your man should go in the same direction. If you and your partner have different views, plans, goals and objectives, then in family life you will have a lot of disagreements, which will lead to quarrels.

Ask your man what he dreams of. If he wants to live in a house on the bank of the river, fish and go for mushrooms, and you are drawn to travel and buy the latest novelties in boutiques, your love is unlikely to exist for a long time.

7. Love, trust and respect

What man can you safely marry?  7 signs of a good husband

It is the foundation of a relationship that will help you learn how to talk and negotiate. Without this, it will be impossible to build a happy and harmonious family. If a man doesn’t trust or respect you (you don’t trust or respect him), you shouldn’t start a family with him.

However, this does not mean that you need to share details of your past intimate life or family secrets with each other. After all, the revelations must be reasonable. After all, we respect and appreciate a person when he looks perfect in our eyes.

May harmony, love and respect reign in your family!

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