What should be in a modern woman’s cosmetic bag

A woman’s cosmetic bag has been the subject of jokes for many years, thanks to its contents – sometimes the most unexpected items can be found there. But here is the list of mandatory cosmetics in a cosmetic bag for every girl will be the same.

What should be in a modern girl’s makeup bag?

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What should be in a purse cosmetic bag?

During the working day, a woman should always have the opportunity to correct or supplement (or even restore) her makeup. What might be needed for this?

  • Corrector. In case of quick elimination of circles under the eyes and other defects.
  • Compact powder.
  • Thermal water. The most urgent need for this product arises in the summer, when the skin needs hydration.
  • Favorite perfume. Of course, not a whole bottle, but a sample or mini-bottle will not hurt.
  • Lip gloss / lipstick.
  • Means for eye makeup.
  • Wet / dry wipes.
  • Matting wipes to eliminate oily sheen will also not interfere.
  • Nail file.
  • Mirror and deodorant.
  • Antibacterial gel – in case you can’t wash your hands.

Home beauty case or the necessary cosmetics for doing make-up at home

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If the house does not have such a convenient little thing as a beauty case, then every time you have to look for cosmetics all over the house. A home cosmetic bag-suitcase allows you to collect all your funds in one place.

What should be in a home beauty case?

  • Foundation (powder), high-quality make-up base – the necessary means for leveling the tone, hiding wrinkles and skin imperfections.
  • Concealer – disguises pimples / redness.
  • Blush. Shades for everyday and festive makeup.
  • Powder.
  • Shadows. It is better to immediately choose a rich palette of shades.
  • Mascara. For a home cosmetic bag, one bottle is enough.
  • Lip pencils (matching lipstick color), lipstick, gloss.
  • Blush / powder brushes, sponges, eyeshadow applicators – usually these tools are already included with cosmetics, but you can buy an additional set of “tools” at home.
  • Mandatory: make-up removers (tonic, lotion, etc.), cotton swabs and discs, paper napkins.
  • Hair care products (hairdryer, curlers, combs / combs, hairpins, clips).

Creams for hands, face and body, as well as perfumes and deodorants, as a rule, are not stored in cosmetic bags. For this, there are shelves in the bathroom and a refrigerator.

A travel set of cosmetics in a cosmetic bag for travel – we determine the required minimum

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Road beautician – This is a more voluminous option than a cosmetic bag for work. It should contain everything that will allow you to remain beautiful and “fresh” while traveling or on a business trip. It is best to choose cosmetics for travel cosmetic bags in small bottles, so as not to carry a whole suitcase of the necessary products with you. Empty bottles for the same shampoos and toners can be purchased at any cosmetic store.

So what set of cosmetics do you need when traveling?

  • Cream for face, feet and hands.
  • Mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner.
  • Hair removal products (wax strips or looms, skin cream).
  • Manicure set (liquid for c / varnish, varnish itself, nail file, scissors and other means).
  • Eyebrow Tweezers. Such a thing may be needed at the most unexpected moment.
  • Small comb.
  • Mini bottles of hair styling products.
  • Perfume, deodorant.
  • Wet / dry wipes, cotton pads, bactericidal plasters.
  • Decorative cosmetics, in accordance with your needs (mascara, corrector, shadows, etc.).

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