What style of sleeves will help hide full arms?

Body shaping is a delicate matter. However, this meticulous procedure does not always require a scalpel. Design tricks work wonders for the feminine silhouette. Lush ladies are recommended to start modernizing their bodies from the area of ​​the hands. Correctly selected sleeve style will help to hide this area.

How to hide full hands

Bat or soft landing

Flying virtuosos spend hundreds of hours in the air to gain invaluable experience. It is enough for a fashionista to find a suitable bow for herself. The batwing sleeve has several cutting methods. Dumplings need to pay attention to one-piece samples of medium complexity.

How to hide full hands1

Unlike the original models, which start from the waistline, these styles:

  • have a smooth transition;
  • keep their shape perfectly;
  • do not add additional volume;
  • create the effect of a chiseled figure.

Important! In the Russian interpretation, this sleeve is called “bat”. He is known as Dolman in other parts of the world. This term comes from the Turkish word for “robe”.

How to hide full hands2

This type of sleeve can be either long or short. Stylists recommend choosing sweaters with a length of ¾. It allows the woman to successfully hide the fullness of the elbow. In addition, it is worth choosing models without cuffs or elastic bands. Otherwise, with such “companions” the stomach will seem much larger.

Japanese tradition kimono sleeve

Another one-piece sleeve will help to emphasize the femininity of the figure and hide its flaws. Kimono will allow the silhouette to become more natural as well as soft. With a continuous line that connects the neck and wrist, the shoulder does not stand out and is visually smoothed.

How to hide full hands3

To avoid the effect of fullness, image makers advise using a belt. In most cases, curvy women of fashion choose stylish kimono-style cardigans. You can also try products with an elastic band around the belly.

Important! Asian motifs are present in the collections of Etro, Gucci, Elie Saab and Christopher Kane. Luxurious kimono models made of satin fabrics and oriental embroidery look amazing on models.

Solving all issues with the sleeve ¾

The main task of the girl is to hide from prying eyes what they do not need to see. This can be done with a three-quarter sleeve. This style reveals the thinnest and most beautiful part of a woman’s hand. At the same time, the ¾ sleeve masks the problematic parts of the body.

How to hide full hands4

For efficiency, it is decorated with:

  • lapels;
  • ruffles;
  • shuttlecocks;
  • shoulder straps;
  • frills.

Important! The three-quarter sleeve can have different styles. Among them are flared and pleated models. Raglans and Juliet samples look unusual, but at the same time enchanting.

Image makers emphasize that donuts should choose the styles of a trapezoidal silhouette. Recommended length for products below the knee, midi or maxi. A slight flare or narrowing of the sleeve ¾ will add a mystery to the image.

His Eminence the sleeve of the bishop

This sleeve model was written off by the great fashion gurus from the clergy. Fashionistas immediately and unconditionally fell in love with her. Blouses and sweaters in this design look rich and elegant.

How to hide full hands

The feature of the bishop sleeve is:

  • additional volume;
  • wide cuff;
  • maxi length;
  • loose fit.

Important! The density of the fabric of the bishop’s sleeve and his cuff is always different. Knitted sweaters look quite interesting in a similar design.

Such an element of clothing hides imperfections in the shoulder area, removing all unnecessary things. It adds elegance to the fashionista and also makes a simple bow divine. The ideal fabric for the episcopal sleeve is chiffon. This design allows you to fix the incorrigible.

The proposed tricks guarantee the girl the perfect image. With the listed styles of sleeves, the curvy fashionista will not worry about her shortcomings.

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