What style suits Monica Bellucci

As part of the Transfiguration project, our team decided to conduct a bold experiment and imagine what the famous actress Monica Bellucci could look like with a new hairstyle.

Italian actress Monica Bellucci rose to fame after the release of the films Malena, Dracula and The Brothers Grimm. The burning beauty of the brunette instantly found a response in thousands of men’s hearts. Now the beauty, before whom time has bowed, is known all over the world not only as the owner of acting talent, but also as a model.

Monica’s appearance has become a role model for many ladies who seek to unravel her secret of femininity and magnetic sensuality. In no way, without trying to cast a shadow on the charming face of the actress, let’s try to imagine how she might look if she slightly changed her image.

Most often, the actress can be seen with long black hair that accentuates her brown eyes. Well, let’s try to slightly lighten the hair color, as well as adjust the length, suggesting, for example, a bob haircut:

Transforming Monica Bellucci
N1 Square

In the next version, I would like to keep the feminine length, but lighten the hair color. In the image of a blonde, facial features have become much softer:

Transforming Monica Bellucci1
N2 – clarified

Recently, representatives of the beau monde have been sharing photos one after another, showing hair tinted in one of the extremely unusual colors: blue, rainbow or pink. Let’s offer this option to Monica:

Transforming Monica Bellucci2
N3 – rainbow pink

Now we move away from specific images and try natural colors again. For example, light brown. Leave the length below the shoulders and add light waves:

Transforming Monica Bellucci3
N4 – light brown natural

And finally, let’s offer the burning brunette a fiery red color:

Transforming Monica Bellucci4
N5 – fiery red
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