What sweetness are you – online test for women

Every sweet tooth has a favorite dessert that is impossible to refuse. But if you think about it, the choice of sweetness depends on the character. Let’s find out who you are – sluggish viscous molasses, hard and bright caramel, cool imperturbable ice cream or dreamy airy meringue?


The test consists of 10 questions, to which only one answer can be given. Do not hesitate for a long time on one question, choose the option that seemed most suitable to you.

1. Sweet or salty?

A) Sweet and only sweet! I can’t imagine my life without sweets. If there is no dessert after a meal, I feel discouraged.
B) Differently – depends on the mood and time of day.
C) I love unusual flavor combinations, so both flavors may well be present in my dish.
D) Salty first, sweet always for later.

2. What do you like to cook for breakfast?

A) Croissant with chocolate filling or any other pastry, but always with something sweet inside.
B) What’s left from dinner.
C) In different ways, but most often a standard omelet or fried eggs, a couple of toast with cheese and unsweetened tea.
D) I don’t like breakfast, so my first meal is at lunch.

3. What energizes and gives you strength?

A) Communication with my friends and loved ones.
B) Time spent alone with yourself.
C) Leisure activities and sports.
D) Creativity and the ability to express yourself.

4. Do you keep souvenirs, little things dear to your heart, cinema tickets?

A) Yes, I am very sentimental.
B) I keep only the most important things, and I try not to accumulate waste paper.
C) No, I belong to the type of people for whom things are a deterrent, and everything pleasant is in our memories, which cannot be taken away from us.
D) Most often I store it, but a lot got lost over time.

5. What will you do on a desert island?

A) I will talk to myself so that it is not boring and dreary without company.
B) Finally, I will relax and have a great time in silence on the white sand, far from the noise of the metropolis.
C) I will build myself the necessary minimum for a comfortable stay: a hut made of palm branches, make a fire and get plant food.
D) I will frantically collect the branches and spread the word SOS out of them, and then I will set it on fire in order to attract the attention of flying planes and escape as soon as possible.

6. Do you like reading books or watching movies?

A) I’m a movie fan! Not a day without a tearful melodrama, an inspiring comedy, or a thoughtful drama.
B) I am a convinced book lover. Literature provides invaluable experience that is often impossible to get in ordinary life.
C) Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for books and going to the movies. Therefore, I get my share of cultural development through audiobooks and open-air car cinemas.
D) Both that, and another, and also music, dance, visual arts – any manifestation of creativity inspires me.

7. How do you show emotions?

A) Like all people with a fine mental organization – if you hurt me, I can even burst into tears. And it’s pretty easy to make me laugh.
B) Nothing – I prefer not to show my feelings to anyone, even if passions are raging inside me.
C) Stormy and impulsive – I am a very emotional person.
D) Calmly – more often than not, even to the negative, I answer with restraint, but I will never turn my other cheek and will always give back.

8. What’s your favorite color (or multiple colors)?

A) Beige (and all pastel).
B) White and black – I love contrasts.
C) Bright, unusual shades – fuchsia, ultramarine, emerald, deep purple.
D) Wine and ginger.

9. Do you have many friends?

A) Not really – friends are characterized not by quantity, but by quality.
B) I have one best friend – myself. The rest are friends and acquaintances.
C) I have a huge company that you can always rely on.
D) One or two close friends, tested by time and circumstances.

10. Tea, coffee or juice?

A) Coffee! Ideally a cappuccino or latte.
B) Black tea with two tablespoons of sugar – one with a hill, the other without.
C) Tea! Green and only green, and if black, then savory.
D) Juice or fresh juice, especially orange juice – I love lightness in everything.


More Answers A

Weightless meringue

MeringueYou are a delicate, crispy meringue in your mouth, a crumbly and airy delicacy that is loved by everyone who follows their figure, but refuse sweets is beyond their strength. You are vulnerable and sensitive, trusting, but not naive, as it might seem at first glance. Your highlight is femininity and sensitivity.

More Answers B

Ice cream with chocolate filling

Ice cream with chocolate fillingA real surprise, especially if you do not pay attention to the packaging and do not know that you are holding more than just an ice cream in your hands. Outwardly, you are imperturbable and even sometimes cold, but you get to know you better – and you reveal yourself from a completely different side: charming, interesting and outstanding. Your superpower is unwavering composure and enviable self-control.

More Answers C

Explosive caramel

Explosive caramelA bright unexpected taste that unfolds and gives a whole bunch of sensations. You are temperamental, active and purposeful, you have a strong character and a cheerful disposition, in the company of friends you are the soul of the company, without which not a single party or trip out of town goes. Your strong point is your ease of recovery and fearlessness in the face of possible difficulties.

More Answers D

Sweet treacle

Sweet treacleViscous, viscous and tart, sugary-sweet and rich – molasses envelops and as if embraces. You are phlegmatic, judicious and you know your worth. By attracting the views of others to yourself, you can easily charm any person and please everyone. Knowing how to adjust and feel the interlocutor, you easily gain trust and use the authority of others. Your peculiarity is stunning charisma and irrepressible energy.

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