what the shape of your forehead can tell you about your personality

Each person is distinguished by their own unique traits, which can tell a lot about their character. The shape of your forehead also reveals your personality, so pay attention to how open your forehead is and what the border of your forehead and hairline looks like.

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Quiz: what the shape of your forehead can tell you about your personality

1. Broad forehead

Most people with wide (or high) foreheads look rather unusual. Sometimes the higher the forehead, the more it resembles an alien, as others say. However, such a forehead indicates the presence of a powerful intellect. This means that you complete any task quickly and with excellent quality, and no one can keep up with you. Women prefer to hide a wide forehead under the bangs, but in vain! It also means that you may have developed intuitive qualities, the so-called sixth sense.

2. Narrow forehead

This is a characteristic sign of introversion, and at the same time, such a forehead betrays a bit of an emotional person, whose heart controls the head. Such people do not like to be in the center of everyone’s attention, and they lack logic and rationalism in their judgments. People with narrow foreheads tend to be loners, avoiding crowded gatherings, parties, and social gatherings.

3. Mountain shape

If you notice that the border of your forehead and hairline looks like the silhouette of Mount Fuji, rejoice! You are talented and, of course, lucky. Such lines are rare, and they belong to benevolent and welcoming people by nature. They are confident in their opinion, they know their own worth, but they absolutely do not want to be leaders or leaders.

4. Pointed forehead

Your intellect and your words are as sharp as your forehead. Such a “ragged” line indicates that you do not reckon with anyone’s feelings. You are stubborn to the core, and you do not know what tact is, so you behave insolently, even if your words and actions may harm others. People with such a forehead take what they want from life and are ready for anything to get what they want.

5. Straight forehead

If you have a straight forehead, it means that you are a diligent, diligent and straightforward person. A person with such a forehead will not compromise either in work or in personal life. He is very frank and always speaks as is, without embellishing reality. Sometimes his behavior and words look and sound harsh, but he never wishes any harm to anyone.

6. Rounded forehead

Notice how curved your hairline is. This indicates that you are a bright personality with a good character. You are a very sociable person who loves communication and wants to make a positive impression. People with such a forehead exude positive vibrations and attract people with similar qualities. They know how to be happy, but the biggest problem is negativity and envy, which they usually cause in their ill-wishers.

7.M-shaped forehead

Imagine, but the border of the hairline and forehead can be in the shape of the letter “M”. These two arcs characterize a person with heightened imagination and fantasy. He constantly hovers in the clouds, and sometimes he needs to be grounded a little. The earth for such people is a boring and gray place, but their advantages are that they are creative individuals, and they can make excellent actors, writers, musicians.

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