What the world looks like through the eyes of different animals

Surely many of you have always been interested to know how animals perceive the world around them. Each species has a different color perception, and some of them can even see what we do not notice.

Editorial staff COlady decided to show how familiar things look like through the eyes of some animals. We bring to your attention informative information!

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1. Dogs

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Many people do not even suspect that dogs have poor eyesight. But on the other hand, they see well at night. Their world is a little faded and blurry.

2. Cats

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Cats are good at distinguishing enough colors. But there are also disadvantages: they poorly see shades of purple and yellow. The vision of cats is low resolution, which is why this world is a little blurry for them.

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3. Snakes

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Snakes have poor eyesight, but they have excellent night vision: snakes’ infrared vision allows them to find their prey in absolute darkness.

4. Sharks

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Sharks see the world around them in gray or green light.

5. Sparrows

They see ultraviolet light: what the world looks like through the eyes of different animals
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The eyes of cute sparrows are designed so that they see all objects in shades of pink.

6. Flies

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As you know, flies have faceted vision. By the way, they have about 4,000 facets in their eyes. Their world is made up of mosaic pieces, since each facet only perceives part of the image. They also notice ultraviolet rays.

7. Bees

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Bees can see many colors and shades, including ultraviolet lightwhich we do not see. Infrared vision makes it easy for them to find pollen.

8. Mice and rats

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Rodents see all moving objects in blue-green shades. Each of the mouse’s eyes moves separately, which allows them to see two separate images.

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