What to buy a baby monitor – rating and reviews of parents about baby monitors

Which baby monitor to buyWith the appearance of a newborn in the family, newly-made parents significantly increase not only worries, but also financial expenses. Everyone tries to ensure that their beloved baby has all the best, including a baby monitor. Therefore, we recommend that you learn from this article about the highest quality and most popular models today. The content of the article:

Very sensitive and reliable Philips Avent baby monitor SCD505

Best Baby Monitor - Philips Avent SCD505In the first place in popularity is the Philips Avent SCD505 baby monitor, which has a number of valuable qualities:

  • The manufacturer promises that thanks to the special DECT technology, the baby monitor no interference on the air will interfere, and the sounds of your baby will not be heard by any of the neighbors on the wave of their baby monitor.
  • Availability energy saving mode ECO will provide high-quality communication transmission while saving energy.
  • The sound of the baby monitor is so clear that the slightest sound can be heard and the rustle made by the baby. In this case, the sound can be added or subtracted to silent, then instead of sound, special light indicators begin to work.
  • The covered communication range is 330 m
  • Parent unit independent of wires and it can be hung over the neck on a special strap, which allows parents to go about their business in peace.
  • The battery in the parent unit can withstand 24 hours without recharging
  • When you go out of the communication range or when communication is lost for other reasons, the parent unit immediately warns about this.
  • Another important advantage is two-way communication capability, that is, the baby will be able to hear your voice.
  • The baby monitor can play lullaby melody and has the functions of a night light.

Tomy Digital baby monitor – the best for newborn babies

Best Baby Monitor - Tomy Digital The Tomy Digital digital baby monitor is in second place in the ranking and is suitable for babies from the newborn period. The main characteristics are as follows:

  • There is an unrivaled the ability of this baby monitor to distinguish the voice of a child from other sounds.
  • It has 120 communication channels and automatically selects the most suitable one, which ensures a clear and stable signal.
  • Created on the basis of DECT technology, which allows you to deal only with clear sound without any hindrance.
  • Can work within a radius of 350 m
  • There are indicator lights, necessary for those moments when the baby monitor is switched to silent mode, as well as indicators of low battery charge, air temperature and crossing the permissible signal zone.
  • Using the remote control, you can control built-in night light
  • There is talkback function and you can talk to your baby.
  • Thanks to special clip, the parent unit can be attached to the belt.
  • The work of the baby unit is provided by batteries, and the parent unit is provided by the rechargeable battery.
  • If necessary, you can add a baby monitor kit another parent block

Baby monitor Motorola MBP 16 with two-way communication

Best Baby Monitor - Motorola MBP 16The Motorola MPB 16 Baby Monitor, which is in third place, is an excellent assistant for parents, which allows you to control a sleeping child and go about your business at the same time. All this becomes possible thanks to the necessary functions:

  • DECT technology allows you to transmit signal without interference and errorswithout interfering with busy frequencies and communication channels, which provides complete confidentiality and confidence that strangers will not hear you or your baby.
  • Two-way communication lets you talk to your baby.
  • VOX function recognizes soundspublished by the child.
  • Works in a radius 300 m
  • Clip on the parent unit makes it possible to attach it to a belt or lean on a table.
  • The operation of the baby unit is provided by the mains power, and the parent unit is powered by a rechargeable battery.
  • There is a warning function about a low battery of the parent unit, as well as about crossing an area of ​​300 m.

Baby monitor Motorola MBP 11 with battery and recharging

Best Baby Monitor - Motorola MBP 11The fourth in the ranking is the Motorola MBP 11 baby monitor, which can be called the predecessor of the 16th model, so they have a lot in common:

  • DECT technology
  • Range radius 300 m
  • The function of warning about leaving the reception area.
  • High microphone sensitivity with the ability to hear everything the child is doing.
  • Sound warning when the volume is off.
  • There is rechargeable battery
  • Both blocks have stand, and on the parent – belt clip

Baby monitor Maman FD-D601 with a video picture

Best Baby Monitor - Maman FD-D601The Maman FD-D601 baby monitor is ranked fifth in the rating and there are a number of reasons why you should give preference to this particular baby monitor:

  • Both units can operate both from the mains and on the battery, which ensures their mobility.
  • Has excellent signal quality and range 300 m
  • On the LCD screens in the form of a picture, what the child is doing is displayed – asleep or awake.
  • The display shows air temperature data in a room with a child.
  • After purchasing the device, it does not require any settings and can be used immediately after switching on.
  • The parent unit has special mount for hassle-free carry.
  • There are two communication channels, and the baby monitor itself chooses the most suitable one without interference.
  • Speaker volume and microphone sensitivity are easily adjustable.
  • There is sound indicator lightsso that the sound can be completely muted. When there is noise in the room with the baby, the bulbs immediately light up.
  • There is VOX voice activation function, when turned on, the baby monitor significantly saves battery power by switching to standby mode if the baby is silent for more than 15 seconds.
  • With help indicator light systems you can immediately know that the battery is about to run out or that you have left the signal reception area.

Which baby monitor did you choose? Reviews about baby monitors of parents


A friend gave me her Motorola MPB 16 baby monitor. At first I didn’t want to take it. I was afraid that it would break quickly. It’s not new anymore. But she’s just smart! My son is already six months old and the baby monitor is our best friend. Otherwise, I simply could not cook or put things in order in the house while my son is asleep. Because the house has very thick walls, and even if you dance and sing behind a closed door, you won’t hear anything, and I certainly wouldn’t hear a child from the kitchen.

And the godfathers and my wife gave me a brand new baby monitor Maman FD-D601. Somehow we didn’t put this gadget on the list of necessary purchases for the child. But now we are very grateful to them for such a gift, otherwise they themselves simply would not have bought it and were tormented by constant worries and running back and forth to the sleeping child.

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