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For several years in a row, designers have been creating collections with ethnic motives. Especially often you can find such things at the shows of summer and spring clothes. This is not surprising, because it is in warm weather that you want to wear something made of natural fabric with intricate patterns or embroidery. Let’s consider the most interesting models from stores in the middle price segment.

Ethnic motives

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Simplicity and elegance

It is very important to observe the measure. Don’t dress up in feathers or wear Hawaiian wreaths around the clock.

Better to pick up some stylish items with small prints or embroidery.

Ethnic motives can also be expressed in colors and styles of clothing.

Blouse from Reserved If you want to look stylish, but no frills, take a closer look at this blouse from Reserved for 1599 rubles.

Minimalism is always in fashion!
The designers paid tribute to the ethnic style by adding bright stripes on the sides.

Embroidered dress from H&M During the July heat, this dress with embroidery from H&M for 2999 rubles will come in handy.

It is very light because it is made of white cotton. Long, spacious sleeves protect from the scorching sun. And unpretentious embroidery immediately evokes associations with childhood, trips to the granny in the village and walks in the forest.

Top with dropped shoulders from H&M This top with dropped shoulders from H&M looks very gentle, its cost is 799 rubles.

Thanks to the embroidery, the thing becomes bright, but not too provocative.

Colors go well with each other, this top can be safely considered a versatile wardrobe item.

Brightness and variety

Ethnic style was brought into fashion by hippies. “Children of flowers” often created their outfits on their own from scrap materials. They sewed and glued elements of different colors and textures to get their own unique piece.

Representatives of the subculture loved bright and rich colors, embroidery, fringe and beads. They preferred loose and comfortable clothing. Modern models in ethnic style will also appeal to connoisseurs of comfort.

Among the abundance of things with embroidery and prints, you can choose the perfect image for yourself – sporty, gentle and airy, austere or sexy.

T-shirt with ethnic motifs from Reserved T-shirt with ethnic motives from Reserved for 1199 rubles is guaranteed to draw attention to your person.

The dropped shoulder seams and the oversized cut make it suitable for girls of all shapes.

The embroidery is reminiscent of traditional Polish designs.

Meek dress With a short dress for 2999 rubles from Zara, you can highlight the beauty of your legs.

Thanks to its simple, loose fit, it does not look vulgar despite its length.

The snow-white color will accentuate the dark skin, and the ethnic pattern will give the image a zest. Pair the dress with simple espadrilles or sandals.

Top from Zara Lovers of sporty style will love this top from Zara for RUB 2799.

It can be paired with shorts, breeches and jeans. Thanks to ethnic embroidery and free sleeves, the top looks spectacular in both gentle and sporty bows.

Cutout T-shirt This model looks easy and casual, the cost of this little thing is 1,799 rubles.

It would seem that this model from Zara does not have much brightness. But just look at those rubberized shoulder prints! It is simply impossible to take your eyes off them.

A V-neck T-shirt accentuates the chest, giving a light summer look a touch of sexuality.

Stylish coat with ribbons In Zara you can find such a stylish coat with ribbons for 7999 rubles.

It is not always hot even in summer.

In addition, ethnic prints are not going to give up their positions until the end of the year.

Therefore, you can purchase such a model in advance. It combines several stylish details at once – round neckline, asymmetrical hem, fringe and ethnic motives.

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