what to do if a man doesn’t talk about love

As the famous proverb says: “a woman loves with her ears.” Any of us dreams of a loved one to talk about his feelings for you. And if a beloved man is silent about his feelings, does not say “I love”, what does this mean?

The Universe is so arranged that a woman and a man are completely different in the psychological aspect. She is emotional, sensitive, sociable. He is restrained, rational, firm, silent. Many men don’t tell women that they love them. What is the reason for this? Is it necessary to “knock out” a declaration of love from a man? Family psychologist reports.

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Why doesn’t a man talk about his love?

  • He believes that actions are much more important than words;
  • The man has not yet fully figured out the relationship, in himself and in the feelings that he has for you;
  • Not complete confidence in your reciprocity;
  • Negative previous relationship experience;
  • Believes talking about love is a sign of weakness;
  • Upbringing: from childhood they taught to keep all feelings and experiences inside themselves. Remember the phrase “men don’t cry”? This is where the formation of a man’s “restraint” begins.

If a man does not speak affectionate words, does not talk about his emotional impulses, then the most important thing is for a woman you shouldn’t “press” on him and throw tantrums, because it may not end very well.

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If he is really dear to you, then have patience, and then your loved one will definitely admit deep feelings and say “I love”. In order for a man to “open up” as soon as possible and realize that he really loves you, use the following tips, which are mandatory in relationships between opposite sexes, between two halves of one whole.

What to do to get a man to start talking about his feelings?

  1. Many women make the same mistake.: they don’t talk about what they want from their loved one. But a man does not know how and should not read our thoughts. He needs to talk specifically about his desires. For example, a husband (beloved) does not kiss you when he meets you, but you really want to. You can say to him: “Well, why aren’t you kissing me?” After several such “hints”, the man will kiss you without being reminded;
  2. If you love a man, then it is possible to arrange everything in such a way that your partner will not have to remind you about flowers, or about affectionate words, or about love. If he feels that you are sincere and that he is really dear to you, that you cannot imagine your life without him, then the man will “jump over himself” and “move mountains” for you. If you want to be loved, love yourself. If you endlessly wait for grandiose actions from a man, without giving anything back, then such a relationship will very quickly come to naught.
  3. Remember, you are a woman and you need protection and care. Don’t take on his personal problems. Make him feel that he is a man, and he himself is able to both make decisions and be responsible for them. But at the right time, be able to unobtrusively help your loved one, support him in a difficult moment.
  4. Don’t be too annoying. Don’t call him twenty times a day. Remain a mystery. Let your beloved man miss you and take the initiative himself.

Sometimes, in order to realize the real attitude of a man towards you, the seriousness of his intentions, you need to focus your attention not on his words, but on the actions of a loved one towards you… If for your sake he is capable of a lot (to take care when you are sick, or for the sake of a romantic evening with you to cancel a party with his male company), then the words do not make sense – and so everything is clear.

There are other types of men who can talk all day long about their incredible, all-consuming and overshadowing the mind of love for you, about their quivering feelings, but they do not act to prove this love. So weigh and make choices by listening to your heart – it will not deceive.

How to hint to a man that you want to hear the cherished “love” from him – comment of a sociologist

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Dear Ladies!

There are many reasons why men do not talk about their love for you. But, if you do not hear the cherished “love” from your chosen one, this does not mean that he is indifferent to you.

In psychology, there are a number of practices for couples that help develop sensuality, make relationships more passionate. Therefore, if you want to hear a declaration of love from HIM, try to dance a fiery dance with him or arrange a romantic evening. The main thing is to create the “right” mood in him. Wait until your man becomes happy and happy, and then tenderly say that it is important for you to hear about your importance in his life. Let’s get an I-message, don’t blame it!

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