What To Do If You Wrongly Lose Your Medical License

Physicians and medical professionals train for several years to get their medical licenses and invest a lot of their time and money into building a reputation for themselves in the medicine industry. However, all of this time and effort can come crashing down due to a single disgruntled patient.

A patient could quite possibly let a misunderstanding get the best of them and file a complaint against a doctor that is baseless. Since medical boards make the health and satisfaction of medical patients their utmost priority, they often tend to side with patients in such cases. Lo and behold, a doctor’s years’ worth of practice and reputation comes crashing down in a matter of hours.

If you fear losing your physician license or have lost it recently due to baseless and false claims made by disgruntled patients, given below are three things you should consider doing: 

  1. Compile Evidence

The very first thing you should do in case of losing your medical license is to compile evidence. You can compile a list of evidence regarding all your points of contact with the said patient who filed a complaint against you. You can create a list of all their appointments, phone and email interactions, and doctor’s notes with the particular patient. You should also consider drawing up a chart highlighting the treatments that the patient needed, why they needed them, and how you assisted them. You can also compile testimonials and statements from clients that are happy and satisfied with your service. 

  1. Create A Statement

Compiling such evidence as mentioned above would help you create a base for developing your case further for license reinstatement. The collected evidence will help you develop a statement that will be your “pitch” for requesting reinstatement for your license in front of authorities. This statement would comprise your academic and professional background, in addition to discussing your wins in your medical practice. You may also choose to include specific examples that showcase how dedicated you are to your patients and their well-being. You should also mention how this entire fiasco was a big misunderstanding, and how a disgruntled patient is trying to get the best of you unfairly.

  1. Contact A Lawyer

The final thing you will be doing is that you will be getting in touch with a lawyer who deals with fighting for reinstatement for a physical license. This lawyer you choose should have credible experience in the same subject area and should have a history of reinstated medical licenses. Be sure not to let a newbie take up your case as he/she could potentially hamper all the progress you made with your compiled evidence and statement. Present your evidence and statement to the attorney and wait for them to file an appeal using their expertise to get you your license back in no time. 


If you face the unfortunate instance of having your license revoked by your state medical board, fret not, as there is still plenty of what you can do to get your license reinstated. By following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to get your license and reputation reinstated in no time.

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