What to give a 11-14 year old boy for his birthday? The best gifts for boys

The best gifts for a boy 11-14 years oldChoosing a birthday present is always pleasant, but lately it has been very troublesome: stores offer such a selection of toys, devices, gadgets and other things that you can involuntarily get lost in such an abundance. What to choose as a gift for a boy of 11-14 years old? Let’s try to figure this out together. See also: what to give a girl 11-14 years old for her birthday. We offer you a description of the latest novelties for teenage boys.

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Gadget constructor 6 in 1 – for a teenager 11-14 years old who is fond of designing

Gadget constructor 6 in 1If your boy loves to tinker with construction sets, a six-in-one construction gadget can be a good gift. This electronic construction set is not only a fun toy, but also the latest novelty in the world of technology.
The set consists of a solar panel, a mini electric motor and twenty-two parts. Further – a matter of imagination. You can collect the proposed options for mini-robots (there are six of them), or you can dream up and collect something of your own.
It is difficult to overestimate the advantages of this constructor:

  • Good quality, reliable fastening of parts;
  • Stylish toy;
  • An exciting activity for more than one day;
  • Development of imagination, logical thinking, fine motor skills;
  • Introducing the child to alternative energy sources (sunlight).

This modern toy will surely appeal to a teenager.

Suitcase with puzzles for the development of logic and attention – for a boy 11-14 years old

Suitcase with puzzlesIf your child likes to sit, solving all sorts of problems, he will be pleased with an unusual gift – a suitcase with a huge number of puzzles. An exciting and educational game will help your child develop:

  • Logical thinking;
  • Attention;
  • Thinking outside the box.

The suitcase set contains:

  • Metal and wooden puzzles;
  • Ball and ring puzzles;
  • Puzzles;
  • Book with tasks and riddles;
  • “Travel notebook” with a variety of games: “Typesetter”, “Balda”, “Letter to letter”, “Tic-tac-toe” and many others.

A convenient case with metal fasteners and many compartments and pockets inside will help keep all games in order.

Flash drive Transformer Tigatron 8 Gb – for a young computer scientist 11-14 years old

Flash drive Transformer Tigatron 8 GbIf your boy is an avid computer scientist, and even a fan of transformers, he will surely like this gift. A new flash drive that can transform into a tiger (there are also options for a cougar and a jaguar) is a stylish and original gift. The 8 GB memory is not the largest for today, but it will be enough for urgent needs.

Light and music gadget for a computer lover – a boy of 11-14 years old: USB lamp “Plasma”

Light and music gadget Another original gift will suit any teenager, because a computer is not only one of the favorite toys, but also a necessary and integral part of the educational process. Stylish lamp “Plasma” will surely please a teenager with its unusual light effect – moving lightning in the sphere.
The lamp operates in two modes – normal and sound-sensitive, reacting to sounds.

Mini-planetarium “Northern Hemisphere” for an inquisitive explorer – a teenager 11-14 years old

Mini-planetarium "Northern Hemisphere"Who can be left indifferent by the starry sky overhead? The mesmerizing spectacle of the mysterious space will give your child unforgettable moments. More than eighty constellations, more than eight thousand stars, twelve signs of the horoscope, in addition – two disks with constellations, in addition – accurate maps of the starry sky for the northern hemisphere, five speeds of rotation of the starry sky, the ability to set stars by time of day, 365 days of observation – all this and much more can be found in the exciting Mini-Planetarium.

Active teenager 11-14 years old – mini-Rollers on sneakers “Flashing Roller”

Flashing Roller sneakersFlashing Roller is the freshest and most relevant new product of this year. If your child cannot imagine life without active sports, and even more so without rollers, mini rollers for Flashing Roller sneakers are exactly what you need.
Not only are these videos:

  • Fits on any sneakers and sneakers, regardless of the manufacturer’s brand;
  • Compact;
  • Reliable;
  • Easy to use
  • Equipped with LEDs, which is very popular with teenagers;

– this type of videos is also universal in terms of the coverage of the age category. Even a five-year-old can use mini-rollers.
Durability, style, convenience and a lot of fun from an active pastime – what could be better for a birthday present?

A fun game “Angry Birds” for a boy 11-14 years old

A fun game "Angry Birds"Is your child a fan of Angry Birds? And you have already lost all hope of dragging the child away from the computer? Surely a game based on the computer world of angry birds will appeal to a teenager. Does virtual reality compare to real shooting opportunities? This is exactly what the manufacturers of the Games for Accuracy offer: a slingshot, shells in the form of Angry Birds, a target with the image of pigs and birds – in a word, everything is just like in the game! A lot of pleasure from hitting the target and a great mood for a long time are provided.

QIDDYCOME laboratory for the production of transformer gel for “Lizuns” as a gift for a boy of 11-14 years old

• QIDDYCOME laboratory What boy in adolescence does not feel like experimenting, “nahimichit” something like that, unusual. And it is desirable that you can experiment for a long time and inventively.
Surely your child will be pleased with the large chemical laboratory QIDDYCOME “Merry Gel-Transformer”. As a result of experiments, you can get a substance that is stretching, then becomes elastic, and even solid. This toy:

  • Perfect for chemistry lovers;
  • Develops scientific thinking and logic,
  • It will awaken interest in research, chemistry as a subject, and will allow to check in practice what and how is obtained in the course of chemical reactions.

Subscription for a hike with a friend to a water park, horseback riding, a master class on rollerblades, etc. – for a boy 11-14 years old

Subscription for a hike with a friend to the water parkAn excellent birthday gift for those who love company and active pastime. Friends will surely like to celebrate their birthday in a water park or at a master class on rollerblading, horseback riding, etc. The choice is huge – taking into account the preferences of the child and his friend, you can easily select the desired master class or subscription that will delight the children and suit you at a price.

Railway, large-scale constructors – a great gift for a boy of 11-14 years old

• Railway, large-scale constructorsIt is believed that designers are the lot of kids. This is not true. Large-scale constructors that allow you to assemble, for example, a large model of an old sailing ship, a medieval castle or the first car, and possibly a railway with steam locomotives and a station, a liner, military equipment are a great gift. If your child is categorically not interested in such things, manufacturers offer mechanical large-scale constructors. Assembling various models with an electric motor is interesting and educational.

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