What to give a daughter on March 8 – gifts for a teenager and an adult daughter

The holiday on March 8 has already lost its former political overtones, and now it is All Women’s Day. On this holiday, according to long-standing traditions, it is customary to give flowers and gifts to all women, girls and girls.

COLADY brings you a list of the best gifts and ideas for your daughter on International Women’s Day. Please your baby!

The best gifts for your beloved daughter on March 8 - please your baby!
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What to give a little daughter on March 8

  • A girl who loves to read or listen to how they read to her can be given the bookthat she had dreamed of for a long time. Thus, from early childhood, you will lay the foundation for love for the beautiful, heroic, mysterious and, in addition, the baby’s speech will improve and her vocabulary will be enriched.
  • A creative person who loves to paint can be gifted coloring… But ordinary coloring is no longer so relevant. Now 3D coloring pages are popular, which are assembled from individual elements from cardboard. The result is a great volumetric figure.
  • If your daughter is fond of dancing, then for sure she will be happy dance mat… Just plug it into your TV, and your princess will decide for herself what kind of music she should dance to: Latino, Disco or something else.
The best gifts for your beloved daughter on March 8 - please your baby!
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  • Even little girls love to surround themselves with beautiful things. You can give your beloved daughter a gift that will decorate her room. To create a magical, delicate and cozy bedroom, give your baby pillow in the form of a heart or night light projecting the starry sky onto the ceiling.
  • Dollhouse – a useful educational toy and a beautiful room decoration. In such a house, on several floors, you can lay out dolls, furniture and small dolls. With a dollhouse, your girl will not be bored: she will come up with many games and play the role of various characters.

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What to give your teenage daughter on March 8

Adolescent girls are often changeable in their behavior, moods and interests. Take a look at what your daughter is interested in at this stage.

  • Daughter – a fashionista, perhaps, will be delighted cosmetics suitable for her age… Then everyone will be happy: she will stop using your cosmetics and will do makeup that matches her age category.
  • Gift for daughter in the form jewelry and fashion accessories will become a memorable gift. Beautiful earrings, a ring, a bracelet, as well as a wrist watch or hair jewelry will delight any teenager.
The best gifts for your beloved daughter on March 8 - please your baby!
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  • In a transitional age, when there are many experiences, doubts, secrets in the child’s head, a daughter’s gift in the form of a beautiful lockable diary… She will be able to write down her thoughts there, and over time, rereading them, analyze her actions, emotions and desires.
  • Give a girl a needlewoman a multi-colored beads, music lover – headphones or disc with your favorite performer, sportswoman – Sports Equipment
  • If a girl loves to cook, then a book with interesting recipes useful to her.
  • The lover of indoor flowers will be delighted with the new flowering plant on your windowsill.
  • If you deem it necessary, you can donate new mobile phone, camera or laptop

What to give an adult daughter on March 8

If your daughter is already quite an adult and knows what she wants, then give her:

  • Photo session certificatewhere you can capture wonderful family moments that will evoke fond memories in the future.
  • An extreme girl can be gifted parachute jump certificate or flying in a wind tunnel, go-kart racing or snorkeling in diving equipment, horseback riding or a dance lesson. These types of gifts will leave vivid impressions for years to come.
  • Time spent in the SPA-salon, will bring a lot of joy to an adult daughter: massages, manicure, baths, masks, made professionally, will give an opportunity to relax and forget about pressing problems.
  • Knowing the preferences and tastes of your daughter, you can present her perfume set with the scents she loves.
  • For an adult daughter, the most valuable will be a gift reminding her of a family bond with you, something that will make her plunge into childhood. For example, a modern graphic or painting from children’s photographs, or a beautiful framed family photo. If you collected children’s drawings of your daughter, then March 8 is a good occasion to present her early work as a souvenir.

How did you congratulate your daughter on International Women’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

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