What to give a husband for a wedding anniversary – 6 original gifts

Very often the question arises before women – what to give to her husband. Many are limited to a standard set consisting of socks, panties, shaving gel. But men are little children. They also want a holiday, surprise, nice gifts.


So how can you congratulate and surprise your beloved husband on your wedding anniversary?

  • A book is the best gift. If you don’t know what to give at all, then run to the bookstore! Surely every woman knows what her man likes. If not, take a look at his e-book or player and see what files are there. It’s very nice to get your favorite book, the pages of which you can really use (and even in a good cover)! If your husband loves to read, and the family budget is no longer enough for the constant purchase of new books, then buy him a good e-book as a gift. This surprise will clearly delight your husband.


  • Certificate for happiness. If your loved one dreams of surfing, parachuting, swimming with sharks, or spending time in a SPA-salon (yes, it happens), then feel free to buy a gift certificate. Such certificates can be purchased from specialized firms. It is very common to find “experience gift certificates” – they include a huge amount of entertainment to choose from. The person who received this certificate (in this case the husband) chooses how he wants to spend his time. It is very convenient for girls and women who do not know what to give to their beloved husband.


  • Engraving. Many will say that engraving is trite and is no longer in vogue. However, you can look at it from a new angle! Take the wedding rings to the workshop and engrave them with a phrase that is meaningful to both of you. It can be a line from your favorite song, a declaration of love, or the names of your children – the choice is yours. Usually, those who have been married for a very long time engrave the names of the spouses on their rings. You can also do something similar on a lighter (if your man smokes) or on a souvenir fountain pen. If your man breathes unevenly towards melee weapons (and maybe collects them), then buy a good blade and make an engraving on it. The most important thing is to depict what is close to your man, even if it is a bottle of beer or a favorite hamster.

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  • From the heart. If you are into needlework or painting, then you already have gift options! Draw your joint portrait with your husband or embroider your names on elegant pillowcases (such a gift will last a very long time and will perfectly fit into the interior of the married bedroom). You may also consider knitting something for your loved one (a warm scarf knitted with loving hands warms up best).


  • Romance. Every married couple has places they value. It can be the cafe where they met, or the embankment, where the first kiss was. Such places are very important for both, so it is worth recalling memories. Make a map showing all your “memorable” places. Go there with your loved one (if you want, you can even rent a limousine) and spend an unforgettable evening alone with each other.


  • Preservation of memories. Surely, you have a lot of photos with your spouse. You can use them as a gift. No, do not think that you just need to print them and give them to your spouse – no. There are quite a few companies that offer to process your photos and put them on mugs, T-shirts or even pillows. You can also give your loved one a large puzzle made from your photo (there are companies that specialize in this).


  • And, of course, symbolic gift. That is, symbolizing a certain number of years lived side by side. Usually families even collect gifts for each year, and as a result, a rather large collection is typed:


  • 1 year from the date of the wedding – gauze wedding (some spouses even give each other medical gauze).


  • For 2 years of marriage (paper wedding) you can donate a wad of money (if the family’s budget allows), or you can even get by with paper crafts (original origami).


  • For the 3rd anniversary, you can give your soul mate any item made of leather.


  • On the fourth anniversary (linen wedding) usually give bed linen. There is a belief that if the bedding does not lose its appearance before the golden wedding, then the spouses will live for a very long time.


  • On the 5th anniversary (wooden wedding) usually give things that will be useful in everyday life.


  • On the tenth wedding anniversary, a woman can give her spouse some tin object, since it is this metal that is the symbol of ten years of marriage.


  • On the 15th anniversary (glass wedding) you can safely donate dishes.


  • On the 20th you can also donate dishesbut this time it should be porcelain.


  • 25 years of marriage (silver wedding) Is a very important anniversary. A man and a woman exchange silver rings that complement their wedding bands. For a silver wedding, you can give your husband a set of silverware, a silver bracelet or a silver ring (there is a great choice).


  • For the 30th anniversary (pearl wedding) it will be more difficult to choose a gift, but there is a large selection of interior items decorated with pearls, it is in favor of these gifts that you should make a choice.


  • 35 years of marriage – coral wedding – give a man a basket of colorful corals, and they will decorate your home for many years to come.


  • On the ruby wedding (40 years old) you can give your husband a ring with a ruby, which will adorn his courageous and reliable hand, which has been supporting you for 40 years.


  • 45 years – a sapphire wedding, which means a new reason to please your man with gifts.


  • And finally, 50 years old – golden wedding, for which you can give your husband a piece of gold purchased especially for him.


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