What to give a married lover – 9 gift ideas for a married man

What to give a married manMarried men, according to most women, do not want to accept gifts from their mistresses. There is only one reason – he will not be able to justify himself to his wife and tell where the thing came from. Of course, all men are different. Maybe this does not apply to your lover? Then be brave and give him an unusual gift that will be memorable and pleasant.

Should you beat off your lover from your wife?


Perhaps the best gift is a daily notebook or notebook. He will use it in the office, making important notes on it.

You may not sign it – all of a sudden, your wife decides to look into his notebook, and, seeing your signature, she will start scandals.

In the store you can buy very stylish and beautiful diaries. They can be made of leather and can be used for a long time. There are notepads with or without a clasp.


What to give a married manA modern gift for a married businessman is a pen. His spouse will never know what you gave him. He will use a pen every day.

Note that you can choose an unusual pen – fountain pen, ballpoint. Its owner will definitely be pleased with the gift.

A mistress can congratulate her beloved by giving a pen for any occasion – birthday, New Year, February 23, Valentine’s Day. The handle is a safe bet.

Computer mouse or keyboard

Remember that a mistress should not declare herself, but you should not be a gray mouse either. If your loved one works at the computer, or loves to spend time playing in the evening, you can purchase a keyboard or computer mouse for him.

Such a gift will always be in the subject. He will be able to explain himself to his wife, saying: “I decided to buy myself a new thing, since the old one fell into disrepair.” And you can not worry that the wife will suspect you.

If the gift is at work, then this gift idea remains the best as well. A married businessman will be able to use the thing and remember you.

Car parts

Pay attention to the desires of your loved one. Often he can say that he wants some part for the car. It could be a new mirror, winter tires, etc.

If you do not understand the automotive subject, then tell him directly about it and offer to buy something at your expense. Of course, he will not refuse, perhaps – he lacked a certain amount to make a purchase. He’ll be glad you decided to give him attention in this way.

Car parts will not give you away, your wife will not know that you have given something. And if he asks him, then he himself will be able to answer – they say, I had to buy for the car, I bought it.

Ticket to a concert, to the theater

Find out what kind of music your partner likes, what interests him from the art world. One of the best gifts is a ticket to a concert, theater, museum. You will immediately kill two birds with one stone – you will delight with your gift and spend time with your beloved.

Conspiracy is worth considering. Your lover’s spouse will not know about this gift, but he will be able to see you at the event.

Perfume store certificate

Perfume as a gift to a loverIt is also the best gift. You will pay attention to your beloved, and his spouse will not know about your existence.

Many people consider buying perfume a personal matter. But, if you do not buy him your own cologne or perfume, then it will not be personal.

A certificate for the purchase of perfume, cologne is a great gift idea. A man will be able to independently choose what he needs, based on his preferences.

Mobile phone or technology

Mobile phone, camera, bluetooth headset, headphones, electric shaver, mp3 player, e-book and other equipment can please your man. If he is wealthy, then he can easily get away from his wife, since he can acquire these things for himself. If he doesn’t have that much money to make such purchases, then he can come up with another story – to tell that his colleagues at work gave him a wonderful phone.

Of course, a cell phone and other equipment is a great gift idea. But still, it is worth asking your lover’s opinion – suddenly he will be offended by such attention from you …

A bottle of cognac and a box of chocolates

Give a married man a cognacEdibles have always been a relevant gift. Note that if you give such a surprise for a man, he will spend a romantic evening with you, which means he will pay attention to you, not his wife. This is a great gift that will be glad not only for your lover, but also for you.

An edible gift, of course, is not memorable, but it also has its advantages.

Sports equipment or tool kit

Rely on the interests of your loved one. If he is an athlete, then sports equipment will suit him, for example – dumbbells, weights, an expander, a simulator. If he loves to repair a car, any equipment, and follows it, then a good gift is a set of tools.

Why do men have mistresses?

These are just sample gift ideas. Consider your man’s opinion when choosing a surprise. Determine what he really needs, what will please – and at the same time will not give out about your presence to his wife. Be careful, otherwise the deceived spouse can cunningly take revenge on you and the cheating husband.

Have you had similar situations in your life? And how did you get out of them? Share your stories in the comments below!

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