What to give for the birth of a child

Having a baby is the perfect occasion for gifts. A mother who gave life to a person deserves respect and love! If you are going to the baby’s bride and don’t know what to give, then you have come to the right place.

Bologny’s editorial team presents you the best gift options for a young mother.

1. Gift certificate for the services of experts from Bologny magazine

What to give a young mother for the birth of a child?  The best ideas from Bologny!

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2. Electronic swing for babies up to a year

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The electric swing is a miracle of technology that imitates the rocking of a baby in her arms – it will provide mother with precious free minutes to do cleaning, cooking, herself or something else.

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2. Baby monitor

Baby monitor
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Radio or video nanny – such a device allows you to hear / see what is happening in the crumbs’ room and respond in time to the crying or dissatisfaction of the child. At the same time, the baby sitter will free the mother from the need to constantly check the baby.

3. Changing table

Changing table
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A changing table is not at all an essential item, since diapers and diapers for a baby can also be changed on the sofa / bed. But believe me – this is a very convenient device, any mother will be very grateful to you for such a useful gift.

4. Car seat

What to give a young mother for the birth of a child?  The best ideas from Bologny!
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A child car seat is very useful for parents-drivers. By choosing a category 0+ car seat, you will definitely please your parents and, in addition, free them from additional costs, which are already abundant with the arrival of the child. See the material about the best models of car seats for newborns.

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6. Bath towel

A bath towel
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Bath Towel – Choose an oversized towel designed especially for babies – with a comfortable hood. Pay special attention to the material of the product – the fabric should be very soft and delicate and at the same time have excellent absorbent properties.

7. Photo album

Photo album
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A special album is a great way to preserve the memories of your baby’s first year. Such an album will contain absolutely all information about the baby – from the name of the doctor who took delivery, ending with the description of the first birthday. All this is accompanied by relevant photographs, pictures, clippings, etc. I must say that in addition to memory, such an album can become a wonderful hobby for a young mother.

8. Bedding set

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Baby bedding or accessories for a comfortable sleep – not all mothers pay due attention to this item of the baby’s dowry. However, this does not make it less important. So a young mother will be pleased to receive a set of children’s bedding, a warm envelope for a child, a mattress and the like as a gift.

9. Original clothes for a newborn

Original clothes for a newborn
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Clothes for the baby – no, we are, of course, not talking about diapers, undershirts and romper suit. Some mothers start screaming with delight at the sight of jumpsuits with cool inscriptions and pictures. Few people will be indifferent to suits with ears, paws, etc.

10 Toys

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Toys for the baby – absolutely definitely give up the idea of ​​giving soft toys, and toys intended for children over a year old – they will be put away in a distant drawer and it is possible that the child will never play with them, because they will simply be forgotten. Better buy games of category 0+: right now, of course, he will not need them either, but he will grow up to them very soon – and he will start to delight his family with his achievements.

11. Suit made by yourself

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A costume or a beautiful dress for a baby will be needed for a photo shoot, for christening or for a holiday with the family – for example, for the New Year. You can buy a ready-made suit and arrange it to your liking, sew it yourself, or ask for help from a tailor shop.

12. Gift photo session for a baby or the whole family

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Professional photo session – what kind of mother would refuse the opportunity to become the owner of the original photographs of her child? And, undoubtedly, such photos will delight everyone.

13. A nanny as a gift for a few hours

baby reads
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Babysitting services – by presenting such a gift, you will definitely become the best friend of the family, since free time is something that a young mother is sorely lacking.
When choosing a gift, it will not be superfluous to find out if the parents themselves have bothered to purchase the item you have looked after. This will free your new mom and yourself from awkward moments and useless gifts.

And what did you give at the bride? Share with us in the comments!

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