What to give grandmother for the New Year

What to give grandmother for the New YearUnder the soft glow of the snow, a completely different time will soon fall to the ground, full of mysteries and childish delight – New Year. It is a good tradition to give gifts to each other on New Year’s Eve. In order for the magical moments of the holiday to be remembered for a long time, and the heart of a dear person to be filled with joy and happiness, congratulations and a gift should be made with all the heart.

This issue cannot be approached formally – after all together with gifts to our relatives, we give them our love, warmth and care.

The choice of gifts for the older generation should be done especially carefully, with a serious approach, especially if it is a gift for a grandfather or grandmother.

But, at the same time, gifts to grandmother should not be limited to purely everyday and practical things, which, although they will certainly delight her, will not bring more celebration into her life.

Bathrobe, nightgown, bed linen, towels You can buy for your dear grandmother on ordinary days, turning everyday life into a kind of small holidays.

And now you have a great chance to express all the delight of New Year’s time in unusual, original, necessary, delightful, completely non-trivial gift… What should you do – please your grandmother with such a gift that will bring her joy and happiness, make her feel young and healthy!

There is a misconception about a good gift as a very expensive and exclusive item.

Not every one of us can afford to give his beloved grandmother an easy-to-drive car or a trip to the Canary Islands for the New Year, so we will say gifts that will not drain your budget, but they are able to give your grandmother endless pleasure.

So, the 10 best gifts for the New Year for grandma:

  1. Original home slippers with lanterns
    You and I have agreed that you should not give your grandmother banal gifts in the form of slippers for the New Year … Although you can show originality with this gift, and give your grandmother, for example, slippers with flashlights, or heated slippers… Surely she will thank you for your concern, because home shoes with illumination will allow you to move around the house without fear even in the dark, and slippers that give you warmth will warm her feet on long winter evenings.
    New Year's gift for grandmother
  2. Family tree photo frames
    A very sincere gift that will once again unite the whole family and bring great joy to your grandmother – a souvenir tree on a coffee table, on which instead of leaves – photo frames… Framed photos of all your relatives, and your grandmother will become the owner of a whole family tree. Alternatively, a photo of the family can be presented in a colorful album, ideally, decorated with your own hands, and then you can fill this album with all the new photos. We, who are accustomed to storing all photos on digital media, have already forgotten how our grandmothers love to leaf through such albums in the evenings, peer into faces, talk with each of us …
    New Year's gift for grandmother
  3. Craft boxes
    The grandmother’s needlewoman will be delighted with special boxes for her favorite handicrafts. All of her balls, spools of thread, needles, scissors, knitting needles, hooks will fit into special sections of your gift. TO jewelry boxes You can buy something that your grandmother would never allow herself to buy due to the high price – high-quality knitting needles, comfortable hoops, expensive yarn, sets of beautiful pins, various accessories for sewing and knitting, embroidery patterns. As a bonus, you can give your beloved craftswoman a subscription to a magazine for the kind of handicraft that she enjoys – and soon, for your holiday, you can receive a fashionable sweater knitted by her hands from your grandmother.
    New Year's gift for grandmother
  4. Theater tickets
    Present youth to your grandmother! Let her cheeks flush with excitement, and she will put on her best dress for a theatrical performance, glowing with happiness from your gift. Yes, theater tickets – just paper cards, but they will give your grandmother much more than something tangible and material. Let her be distracted from the stove, grandchildren and household chores, having spent time in the realm of music and light, and you, of course, prepare a festive dinner for her this evening and present a bouquet of flowers.
    New Year's gift for grandmother
  5. Favorite perfume
    Another gift that grandmother will like is the scent of her exciting youth. Today you can find any perfume of those that the young coquette once used, and present them to her. Krasnaya Moskva, Chanel No. 5 “,” Signature “,” Klima “- and you will see how the woman’s eyes will light up, and in her memories she will return to her youth … These perfumes will be kept on her table, and she will” put on “them whenever wants to be carried away again into pleasant memories, to look fresh and in a special solemn way, to give himself a holiday.
    New Year's gift for grandmother
  6. Fruit basket
    If you think that you can not guess with a gift to a loved one, then you can opt for a pleasant and very useful gift – a basket of soft fresh fruits… Buy the most beautiful specimens of a variety of fruits, including exotic ones, pack them beautifully, put them in a basket with tinsel, multi-colored shavings, decorate the basket with ribbons, corrugated paper ruffles, or put a beautiful embroidered napkin with hanging corners under the fruit. Do not forget to write your grandmother the words of congratulations on a beautiful postcard – and please do not use the templates already printed – after all, your words that come from the heart are most important to her.
    New Year's gift for grandmother
  7. Electronic tonometer
    If your grandmother has health problems, then you can attach, for example, to your congratulations electronic tonometer – with a cuff, or on the wrist. Let this be an attachment to the main gift, if you think that this gift itself is prosaic. This “smart” device will greatly facilitate the life of an elderly person, it will also serve as a source of pride in front of numerous friends and neighbors. Using the tonometer every day, your grandmother will remember your gift and thank you for your attention to her.
    New Year's gift for grandmother
  8. Useful household appliances
    Electrical appliances are becoming very common gifts for any occasion. It would be nice if you make your grandmother’s life easier by giving her automatic washing machine or air conditioner… Yes, many consider this category of gifts to be pretty commonplace. But, if you think over the original congratulation, as well as the option of presenting the gift itself, then this process itself will be remembered by your grandmother and everyone present as a big and cheerful holiday. Let the equipment, decorated with a huge bow, be brought to her by a real Santa Claus, or in an envelope with a chic postcard, you will attach documents to it. Add to this gift a basket with good tea, sweets and fruits, and your grandmother’s joy will be simply endless!
    New Year's gift for grandmother
  9. Gifts for beauty and health
    If the title “grandmother” refers to your loved one only indirectly, and she does not at all look like an old woman, but leads an active lifestyle, then she can be presented with a gift for her hobbies – for example, a “Treadmill” simulator, pedometer, bicycle. A youthful and careful grandmother will like her a certificate for a cosmetics store or subscription to the spa
    New Year's gift for grandmother
  10. E-book or player
    Many of the seniors have retained a passion for reading. But the trouble is that their eyesight fails them, and they bypass their favorite bookstores. Be original, give to grandma MP3 player with a good “memory”, having previously recorded on it several audiobooks from the category that a loved one likes so much. Grandmother will listen to books in the evenings, and the process will give her untold pleasure – after all, she will “read” while doing her favorite handicrafts. Alternatively, you can give your grandmother e-book with the ability to increase the font, or DVD player, having recorded films from grandmother’s youth, concerts of favorite performers on it.
    New Year's gift for grandmother

We stopped at just a few options for gifts for grandmother – in fact, there are many more. You yourself can choose a thing for a loved one that he will like, because a gift is a purely individual case

But do not forget that a gift made on the run, without a soul, is of no value – even if a lot of money was paid for it.

New Year's gift for grandmother

It will be much more pleasant for your grandmother more often hear good words, to see you – and not only on holidays

Fun contests and entertainment for a family meeting of the New Year

Gift decoration, words of congratulations – all this is very significant, do not forget to pay attention to such important details.

Visit grandma, ask her about her health, help around the house, give useful and pleasant little things, congratulate her on the holidays on time – and you will please not only her, but also yourself.

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