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A few years ago, the oversized style burst into the fashion world at a crazy speed. Bulky clothes, several sizes larger, fell in love with fans of the fashion industry. This philosophy was introduced by the great couturiers when creating a classic coat. Despite the dense fabric, the models are luxurious and elegant. Still, it is important to know how it is fashionable to wear original styles this fall. Famous collections of famous fashion designers will prompt fashionistas with a few ideas for a cool autumn look.

Oversized coat

Dress and coat – the eternal symphony of style

Italian streetwear brand Off-White has shown how beautiful evening dresses look with a maxi-length coat.

Oversized coat12

The main requirements for such outfits are an unusual design and a deep cut or neckline. At the same time, Off-White premium clothing designers offered two contrasting colors for the autumn outfit. The charcoal black bow competed perfectly with the white blanc ensemble.

Oversized coat2

In addition, fashionistas will find several other combinations in the Valentino collection.

Oversized coat Pierpaollo Piccioli (creative director of the brand) considers it appropriate to combine with:

  • a little black dress;
  • boots of graphite or red shades;
  • envelope bag;
  • a panama hat with a high crown;
  • outfits of maxi length;
  • flared sun cuts.

Important! Fashion house Chloe from France invited girls to combine oversized caramel coats with a shirt dress. Mini length, white plaid and long sleeves are perfect for a romantic look.

Oversized coat3

Giorgio Armani presented the world with an extravagant short bustier dress with a flared bottom made of embossed fabric. It fits perfectly with a classic oversized jasmine coat and a white bag. Brown ankle boots and red glasses successfully complete the beauty’s light atufite. However, the dress is not the only “companion” of the warm coat.

Oversized pant suits

Business style will become the trend of the fashionable season. The creative director of the Chanel fashion house believes that even in this case, oversize should be given a chance. Virginie Viard showed the fans spectacular ensembles with a loose-fitting coat.

Oversized coat4

In addition to them, there are:

  • plain and plaid palazzo trousers;
  • a snow-white blouse with a frill collar;
  • Homburg hat.

It is noteworthy, but wide trousers and straight pants are suitable for both short and long coat models. Viard made a bet in this collection on the print. The mesmerizing cage, in different interpretations of color and shape, has become the leading element of the fashionable fall 2019.

Important! Ralph Lauren successfully paired a formal suit with an oversized coat. Supermodel Gigi Hadid was charming in a white shirt and dress pants. A refined bow tie and a wide satin belt were the leading elements of the image.

Oversized coat5

Italian fashion designer Alberta Ferretti offered a creative look at the oversized coat.

The couturier chose the main shades of outerwear:

  • lactic;
  • light gray (turtle dove);
  • carbonic.

Oversized coat6

An elegant hat in such bows has become a constant “companion” of the fashionista’s autumn look. Alberta decided to choose capri pants for her luxurious coat, as well as carrot trousers and chinos.

In such outfits, the designer focused on:

  • regular belt;
  • metal buttons on the vest;
  • blouses with yokes;
  • unusual collars.

Oversized coat8

Important! In the autumn collection of the legendary Giorgio Armani, there is a bow worthy of the attention of fashionistas. A snow-white blouse and cropped pipe pants work wonderfully with a red belt and clutch. However, a voluminous midi-length coat turns the outfit into a bohemian image.

Oversized coat9

The oversized coat from the Sport Max brand completes the fashionable marathon. Surprisingly, the austere cut of outerwear perfectly appeals to stylish ultramarine-colored sneakers and a jockey cap. To achieve harmony in this combination, the designers of the company have chosen things in a monochrome style. At the same time, the couturier’s shoes were taken several tones brighter, and the headdress – darker.

Oversized coat10

As can be noted, you can be stylish in an oversized coat both in a suit and in an evening dress. The secret is simple – women of fashion can experiment with these things all autumn and even eternity.

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