What would the stars look like if they were anime characters?

You’ve probably already noticed how today social networks are filled with photographs in which you can observe pictures in the style of anime. That is why the editors COlady decided to turn photographs of stars into drawings made in anime style.

As you know, the most noticeable feature of anime characters is “big eyes”. A character with big eyes always looks cute and funny! A separate theme in Japanese anime is the transmission of emotions. Anime characters have different emotions.

What would our favorite stars look like if they were anime characters? We present an unusual mix of characters, so different, but so bright and unique. After looking at the photos from our selection, you can see for yourself! In addition, we have selected suitable names for our anime characters.

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Happy viewing!

1. Anastasia Ivleeva – Anastasika Ivutsumi

Anastasia Ivleeva

2. Morgenstern – Morgensteroto-san


3. Olga Buzova – Olu Buzimasutsuri

Olga Buzova

4. Philip Kirkorov – Philipo Kirkhoto

Philip Kirkorov

5. Leonardo DiCaprio – Leotori Chio

Leonardo DiCaprio

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