What you can’t keep at home – 17 forbidden things

There are items that should not be kept at home. This can be explained both by signs and by completely rational arguments. This article focuses on things that are not recommended for keeping at home. Study it and think: maybe it’s time to get rid of unnecessary junk?

What cannot be kept at home

1. Cracked cups and saucers

There is a sign that cracked dishes in the house bring constant quarrels and strife in the family. However, there is a simpler explanation: cracked dishes can break at any time, and fragments can cause injury.

2. Dieffenbachia

It is better not to keep this houseplant at home. This is due to the fact that the stems of the flower are poisonous. Eating the plant in food can be fatal. And a curious child may well taste Dieffenbachia.

3. Pictures in which you do not like yourself

Looking at such photos, you experience negative emotions. Better to get rid of bad photos and take new ones!

4. Things of a deceased person

Esotericists believe that such things force the deceased to return to their home again, because of which the living can forget about peace and good mood. Therefore, it is better to get rid of things belonging to a deceased person.

Psychologists also recommend not to store such things and not to turn the house into a museum: it is better if objects that remind you of the tragedy you have not come across.

Things not to keep at home

5. Wilted flowers

It is believed that wilted bouquets draw energy from the inhabitants of the house. And they are no longer pleasing to the eye.

6. Gifts from former lovers

No matter how valuable the gifts are, if the relationship ended on a negative note, it is better to get rid of them so as not to disturb your memory.

7. Clothes you haven’t worn for over a year

It is believed that if a thing has not been used for a year, it can be disposed of. No need to store outfits that you are unlikely to ever wear. Better to free up space in your wardrobe for new beautiful things!

8. Worn out slippers

Feng Shui experts believe that worn-out slippers attract negativity to their wearer. In addition, it is more pleasant to wear new cute slippers, because what we wear at home largely determines our attitude towards ourselves!

9. Reeds

It is not customary to decorate a house with reeds. It is believed that reeds attract misfortune and even death to the house. If you have a bouquet of reeds, throw it away immediately and get a begonia, which, on the other hand, brings good luck.


10. Things of the previous owners

It is best to get rid of the things that belonged to the previous owners of the apartment as soon as possible. You should not live next to someone else’s energy.

11. Broken stopped clock

Stopping clocks also attract bad luck. The faulty mechanism must either be repaired as soon as possible, or thrown away. Otherwise, you will live in the past, and the door to a happy future will close forever.

12. Alien pectoral cross

An alien pectoral cross, which does not belong to any of the family members, should not be kept at home in any case. If you find a cross on the street, either leave it in place, or take it to the nearest church. It is believed that by picking up someone else’s cross, you are taking on someone else’s destiny. Which can be very difficult and difficult.

13. Artificial flowers

Many people believe that artificial plants bring bad luck to their owner. In addition, they collect dust on themselves, which can cause allergic reactions.

14. Sinks

The tradition of decorating shelves with shells brought from the sea is very old. However, Feng Shui experts argue that shells, even the most beautiful ones, should be discarded. First, shells bring bad luck. Secondly, the sink is an empty house in which a creature from the other world who has a negative attitude towards the inhabitants of the apartment can live.

Seashells from the sea

15. Hides and stuffed animals

These objects carry dead energy that draws strength from the inhabitants of the house.

16. Magical attributes

If you “indulge” in magical rituals, do not keep at home the attributes that you use during the rituals. They can open the gates for evil spirits that will not give rest to you or your loved ones.

17. Any broken items

In times of scarcity, it was customary to keep broken things. After all, they really could come in handy. You shouldn’t follow this tradition. Nowadays, people can afford to buy everything they need, but it is better to get rid of broken objects: they only take up space and take away your living space!

Now you know which items should not be kept at home. Do a general cleaning and get rid of everything unnecessary: ​​you will immediately feel that it literally became easier to breathe in the apartment and it is saturated with new, bright and positive energy.

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