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How to become an animator and where to look for work?The profession of “animator” appeared not so long ago, but we hear this word all the time – in connection with children’s birthdays, vacations, and so on. When choosing a hotel for a vacation with kids, parents will always ask if there will be animators.

What kind of profession is this, and who is this animator – a nanny, toastmaster, actor or someone who combines several talents at once?


The content of the article:

  1. Who is an animator – types of animators
  2. Basic requirements for an animator at work, responsibilities
  3. Is being an animator right for you?
  4. How to become an animator, and do you need training?
  5. Animation career and salary – are there any prospects?

Who is an animator – types of animators and the essence of their work

The term “animator” came to us from the English language, in which this word means an artist who plays various characters at certain events.

In our country, animation, as a direction, is still gaining popularity and followers in its slender ranks.

Animators are actors who must “be able to do everything.” Their main task is to entertain the audience in those roles that are assigned to them at a particular event.

Animators can be “classified” as follows:

  • Corporate animators. These specialists help the main presenter at the corporate party to amuse the audience at contests and games. However, animators often work without a presenter, including his duties in the list of his own and doing an excellent job with any task.
  • Children’s animator for toddlers… Specialists who have to entertain a baby under 4 years old should be professionals in their field, because kids are afraid not only of clowns, but also of strangers in general. In addition, children get tired quickly and are not able to be too mobile and mobile.
  • Children’s animator for older kids (from 5 to 10 years old). It is already easier for this specialist to charm and amuse, because the audience is easy-going. Children already have their favorite characters, with whom they are happy to play, make crafts, participate in quizzes, and so on. Most often, animators for children of this age also have to master the art of twisting and face painting, arrange a soap bubble show, etc.
  • Animator for teenagers. He also has a hard time. Teenagers are a critical audience, and it is extremely difficult to entertain it in our time, when children have time to see and try almost everything by the age of 15. Therefore, a teenage animator must be able to speak the same language with children. How to find a common language and improve relationships with a teenager in the family – 12 win-win ways
  • Youth animator. Today, the tasks of such a specialist most often include quests – that is, the choice of the scenario, the complexity of the tasks, and so on. Naturally, the animator in this case is a guy “on the board”.
  • Animator-promoter. This specialist should create a mood among the participants of the event already at the entrance. This specialist advises / informs guests, indicates the necessary directions, takes pictures with guests, distributes information booklets, etc.
  • Animators in hotels. Not a single 5 * hotel is complete without animators. Moreover, there are animators in a good hotel for kids, and for older children, and for the adults themselves, who, oddly enough, also need to be entertained.

There are also specialized animators… For example, those who specialize only in bubble show or twisting, science shows or magic tricks, master classes or theatrical performances with clowns, etc.

To summarize, we can say that animators today are yesterday’s “mass entertainers” who should give smiles and good mood.

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Benefits of work:

  1. Creative, interesting work.
  2. The ability to combine with the main job.
  3. Opportunity to work abroad (for example, Turkish hotels often require Russian-speaking animators). That is, you can relax and work.
  4. Dating with different people, including “useful”.
  5. Free schedule.


  • The instability of earnings. Salary always depends on the availability of orders.
  • Sometimes you have to work for 10 hours – and on your feet.
  • Nervous tension. The more serious and solid the company that needs to be entertained, the higher the responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the animator.
  • Emotional burnout. The animator must be cheerful, active and easy-going. Otherwise, he simply will not stay in the profession. And nobody is interested in whether the animator has problems in his personal life, and whether he feels good. The animator has to amuse the audience – period. Of course, not everyone can stand it.

Animation career and salary - is it worth working as an animator?

Basic requirements for an animator at work – duties of an animator

First of all, the animator must …

  1. Be a good actor.
  2. Be a good psychologist.
  3. Be able to charm from the first exit.
  4. Be able to create scripts.
  5. Know a variety of songs and games, contests and quizzes.
  6. Be able to quickly transform into various characters and apply makeup.
  7. To be able to “stir up” even the most passive kids and adults.
  8. Be able to get out of difficult situations.

Also among the requirements:

  • The presence of a medical book.
  • Knowledge of acting.
  • Delivered speech.
  • Lack of stage and audience fear.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages.
  • Knowledge of the basic hardware used in the performances.
  • Knowledge of all age characteristics of children: how much, how and with what methods you can entertain children.
  • Dance / vocal skills.
  • Specific knowledge: face painting, twisting, etc.
  • Often – having your own costumes and props.
  • Education (theatrical, pedagogical). Most often, it is not mandatory, but when employed in a serious organization it will definitely be a fat plus.

What does an animator do?

Depending on the specialization, place and level, the animator …

  1. Leads the holidays.
  2. Participates in the show.
  3. Creates scenarios and spends the holidays in accordance with them.
  4. Conducts quests, quizzes, games and contests.
  5. Lures buyers at product launches (at promotions).

And so on.

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Is working as an animator right for you – personal qualities, skills and abilities necessary for working as an animator?

The main requirements for the personal qualities of an animator are sincerity and love for their work. Without these components, it is simply impossible to work as an animator: parents will always feel the falsity with which they entertain their children – tensely and “through force, as if they worked a shift at the factory.” Naturally, no one else wants to use the services of such animators.

The most successful animators are those who devote their work fanatically – completely and completely.

In addition to sincerity, the animator will not be hindered …

  • Artistry.
  • Complete dedication.
  • Positive attitude, activity and cheerfulness.
  • Inner charm.
  • Sociability.
  • Knowledge of the basics of psychology.
  • A creative approach to work.
  • Good health (footwork is more than intense).
  • Loud voice with clear diction.
  • Internal and external charm.
  • The talent of an improviser.

How to become an animator - requirements and training

How to become an animator, and do you need training?

The easiest way in this profession is for people with the corresponding profession. That is, actors, teachers, musicians, as well as psychologists (however, there are not so many artistic people among the latter, but the knowledge of a psychologist is extremely necessary for work).

They receive a similar education in the relevant universities and in the relevant specialties: acting, psychology, teaching, etc. There are no animation faculties in universities.

In addition, you can learn the art of animation …

  1. There are animators at the school (there are many of them today, and many even provide work).
  2. On special courses, which are conducted today by many organizations.
  3. At seminars / trainings conducted by companies specializing in celebrating holidays.
  4. Independently – based on materials from the Internet.

We’ll have to learn:

  • Captivate and entertain guests.
  • Use face painting.
  • Create beauty from balloons.

You also need:

  1. Get a portfolio.
  2. Learn to advertise yourself.
  3. Invest in costumes and props.

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Career and salary of an animator – are there any prospects in the profession, and can you devote your whole life to it?

The average age of animators is 18-30 years old.

Gender usually does not matter – there are enough boys and girls among the animators.

It is important to note that the salary does not depend on education: a graduate of the circus department may earn less as an animator without education at all, if the latter is more talented.

What does the salary depend on?

  • Talent. The greater the success of the animator with the audience, the more he is in demand, and the higher the earnings will be.
  • Place of work. In an inexpensive cafe, an animator who entertains children for a birthday will receive less than an animator who works, for example, in a respectable hotel.
  • Experience. An animator without experience is unlikely to be hired in a solid company, and even on a permanent basis.
  • The number of orders is permanent or one-time work. A stable (albeit not always high) income is usually obtained by animators in children’s rooms in shopping centers or in reputable hotels.

The highest earnings of animators are in foreign hotels (hotel owners do not spare money for talented animators, among other things, paying for accommodation with meals, insurance and medical services). The average salary of this specialist is from 15,000 to 50,000 rubles.

But it is important to note that in the absence of stable work, everything depends on orders. Sometimes daily orders bring no more than 20,000 rubles to the total monthly piggy bank, and it happens that one wedding brings a month’s earnings.

  1. Average salary in a foreign hotel – about 50-200 euros per week.
  2. Average salary in a children’s camp – 30-100 euros per week.

In terms of career, you can only grow from a simple animator to an animation manager.

But, if you have the means and desire, there is also the opportunity to start your own business – and no longer work as an animator, but recruit them to your staff.

And, of course, it is important to understand that only with a spark in your eyes, being a sincere optimist, you can take people to the ends of the earth and get a good salary. No one will pay attention to the fact that your choreography is so-so, if you are able to evoke vivid positive emotions.

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