what you saw in the picture will describe your “I”

What our brain perceives first when viewing an image turns out to matter, as it can often reveal interesting aspects of our personality. Moreover, different people, accordingly, notice different objects, and this mainly depends on the inner “I” and personal perception of the world.

So, before you is a picture of the artist Rafala Olbinski… Look at which object on it first catches your eye, and then find out what your choice can tell about how you see your inner self.

Test: the image that you saw first in the picture will describe your inner self
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

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Test: the image that you saw first in the picture will describe your inner self

1. Dolphin

Most likely, you are now focused on the outside world, as you clearly want to achieve success and recognition. In the picture, you see a dolphin jumping through a hoop, and you probably also feel like jumping through a hoop in your life or participating in a race for what you want. It is possible that one of your priorities in life is to make a lot of money and heal the way you want.

While the desire to increase your income is a natural desire, still remember that you do not only need big money for a happy and fulfilling life. It is possible that you are doing what you do not like, and such work brings you income, albeit without pleasure. Try to change something and find a job you like. If you can do this, then your life will become much more joyful and richer – is this not happiness?

2. Female silhouette with a starry sky

This image speaks of your understanding of how deep and complex your inner world is. You have spent and are still spending a lot of time to sort out your feelings, thoughts and beliefs, and you are diligently trying to get out only on your own, the only true path.

This process of finding yourself makes you doubt, hesitate and even pretty nervous, as you want to realize your mission and purpose. Do not strain too much, let go of all the questions that torment you and accept yourself as you are. Try to meditate quietly and calmly to listen to your heart in silence. Finding peace of mind is the first step towards yourself.

3. Female silhouette with sky and ocean

This silhouette means that you have already begun to open, realize and understand your true self in life. You know yourself, your desires and aspirations – and this is not what your mind tells you, but what you feel deep in your heart.

You also understand that you can get what you want when you really want it, because the Universe hears your requests and responds to them. However, you are afraid that your dreams may be too ambitious or that the universe will misinterpret them. You should be more precise in identifying requests and have absolutely no doubts about yourself. Your insecurity can confuse the Higher Forces, and lead you to a dead end.

4. The girl in red

If a girl in red catches your eye, then you are one of the few and even those rare people who got rid of illusions and found themselves in life. You are optimistic, benevolent and completely satisfied with the way you live.

You have been engaged in your personal growth for a long time and have made notable progress. The girl’s red dress symbolizes your ability to love both yourself and others. You are able to sympathize and empathize with people, help them and do good deeds, while completely disinterested, since you are not characterized by greed, cunning and the search for benefits for yourself. People like you always make this world better, cleaner and brighter.

5. Sky or ocean

And if you immediately noticed the sky or the ocean, know that this is a reflection of your sincere and deep love for nature and for everything living on the planet. You adore spending time away from people and habitable places, walking in the woods, smelling the sea or climbing mountains. You are energized by the energy of the earth and plants, and this allows you to relax and discover your true essence.

After such contacts with nature, you always come to the conclusion that what you really were looking for was and is in your heart all the time.

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