When, who and why does a double chin appear?

A double chin is not the most serious problem that can be faced, but nevertheless, the result, as they say, is on the face. The second chin immediately adds years to you and spoils the overall appearance. Why do women have a double chin at all? I, a face fitness expert, will tell you about it.

Reasons for the appearance of a double chin

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  1. Overweight Is the most common cause of this problem. Fat deposits accumulate not only on the abdomen, thighs, back, but also under the chin, forming a dense fold, which is popularly called the second chin. This crease is greatly reduced as you begin to lose weight. However, then another problem arises, the sagging of the stretched skin, which significantly ages your neck.
  2. Incorrect posture is also a fairly common cause of a double chin. In everyday life, people pay little attention to their posture. They bow their heads, stoop their backs, especially if they are busy with monotonous work all day. And since this happens every day, the muscles in the neck weaken, and this provokes the appearance of a double chin. Therefore, if you do not want to have a double chin, try to monitor your posture. And even if you already have it a little broken, everyone can fix it. Moreover, correct posture is very important not only for beauty, but also for your health.
  3. Heredity… Genetic causes significantly affect the appearance of a double chin. Someone is prone to early aging, someone to hair loss, some are overweight, and someone’s ancestors gave them a tendency to form a double chin.
  4. Age-related changes… From the age of 35, women’s skin stops producing enough collagen and it becomes more flabby. At first this is not very noticeable, but the muscles begin to lose their elasticity, gradually the skin begins to sag, forming a thick fold.
  5. Features of the structure of the neck, throat and jaw. If you are the owner of a short neck, then the chances of getting a double chin are significantly increased. And after 30 years, you will have it for natural reasons, even if you are not overweight. Slender women with a low Adam’s apple will also have to fight for the beauty of their neck with gradually drooping muscles along with a fold of skin. The appearance of a double chin can also provoke an incorrectly formed bite. Therefore, if you have this problem, consider visiting the dentist and get yourself braces.

A double chin is not a source of pride for a woman. It does not appear suddenly, but develops gradually. Whatever this problem affects you, try to exclude all problems that depend on you. And if it does appear, we offer you several effective ways to get rid of a double chin.

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