Where in Russia it is customary to leave a tip and how to give it correctly

Tipping rules are available in all countries. Somewhere their share is more than 20 percent of the total account, somewhere (like, for example, in France) they are included in the account in advance. In most countries and cases, tips are given in the amount of about 10-15 percent of the total bill. How are things going in our country? Where is it customary to tip? The etiquette experts answer.

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Where in Russia should you tip – how much and to whom?

It is customary to tip abroad, with rare exceptions, to everyone who serves you. In this sense, Russia has either succeeded, or, on the contrary, is lingering in the tail: in our country they give tea only to waiters. Moreover, if in the West a person leaves a tip automatically, then in Russia many people will not even have such a thought. And even if the service was top notch. Therefore, in some cases, following Western practice, many owners of such establishments already include tips in your bill. Or they write in the bill – “Tips are welcome.” In case – suddenly, you wanted to thank the waiter, but were ashamed. Who else in Russia, in addition to waiters, maids, porters and bartenders, is customary to tip?

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  • Whether to tip taxi drivers

    If the taxi driver arrived on time, was polite and courteous, did not drive you in circles around the city, winding up the counter, then you can also tip him. Although, of course, you do not have to do this. According to the taxi drivers themselves, the best way is to leave a tip under the glass or simply say “no change”. The amount depends only on your generosity, there are no rates for tips from taxi drivers.

  • How much tip is given to gas station refuellers

    Tipping will depend, as elsewhere, on the quality of the service. It includes politeness and quickness, smooth installation of the hose into the tank, neatness (so as not to douse the car), etc. As a rule, the amount of tip to the refueller is from 20-50 rubles and more. The money is left before returning to the car, after paying at the checkout, or at the window.

  • Tipping the hairdresser

    Hairdressers are tipped much less often than taxi drivers or even refuellers. And you should give this tip carefully and carefully, so as not to spoil the mood of your master’s colleagues. The amount usually ranges from 5 to 15 percent of your account.

  • Do I need to tip a manicurist

    Their salary is also not always ideal, and everyone needs to feed their families. Taking into account the cost of the procedure, not everyone wants to leave a tip. And this tip system is not so developed in our country. Usually a tip of 100-200 rubles is left to a manicurist in Russia.

  • How much tip to give to cloakroom attendants

    Tipping in this profession is 50-100 rubles, depending on what exactly and where you put in the wardrobe and whether you are worried about your thing.

  • Tipping the bartenders

    The tip rate is from 10 to 15 percent of the bill. The best thing is not to take change or put money on top. Of course, casually snorting “no change” when the change is 10-15 rubles is not worth it – this will offend the bartender, and you will not present yourself in the best light.

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  • Tipping the courier (pizza, sushi, flower delivery and other goods)

    If the order was delivered on time, if the pizza is not covered with ice, and the flowers have not wilted, then it is customary to tip the courier in the amount of 30-100 rubles. It is best to do this, in the opinion of the couriers themselves, at the moment when the courier is about to say goodbye to you.

  • How much do they tip train conductors and flight attendants?

    When buying something, paying for tea / coffee and other things, it is customary to leave change or pay a tip in the amount of 50 rubles or more.

  • How much to tip the masters in beauty salons

    Usually the payment in a beauty salon is done through the cashier. Therefore, girls who want to thank their master thank them separately with a tip. The most convenient way is to put money on the table while still in the office. The amount usually ranges from 10 to 20 percent (100-500 rubles).

  • Should I tip animators at corporate parties?

    Reasons for tipping are the sea: the atmosphere of a holiday, play, good mood, etc. Tipping depends, again, on the generosity and work of the animator. Usually – from 500 rubles and more.

  • How much do strippers tip?

    Those who tip have practically a separate income. The average tip is from 300-2000 rubles and more. Depending on the talent of the dancer. Well, everyone knows how to tip strippers correctly.

  • Whether to tip doctors (nurses, etc.)

    In this case, tips are more likely in the nature of monetary gifts. They are presented in envelopes, and the amount depends on the quality and regularity of the service.

  • Tipping mechanics in a car service

    Tipping the people on whom your car depends is not a stint. Typically, employee tips start at 300 rubles. And they should be given in advance and directly to the master. The next time you need their help again, your car will be serviced faster and better.

How to tip etiquette

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There is nothing unnatural about tipping someone who has served you well. Another question – if the service was, to put it mildly, far from ideal. Here you can give the very minimum of what is required. So you will show that you know about the rules, but the waiter (or other employee) did not deserve more.

  1. The typical tip is the smallest denomination in the country. In the case of Russia, this is 10 rubles.
  2. If the order amount exceeds 100 rubles, the tip is usually equal to 10 percent of the order. But in Russia it may be 5 percent.
  3. The porter at the hotel should get 1-2 dollars for moving one of your suitcase. Money can be put into his hands.
  4. As for the maid tip – you may not intersect with her. So just leave your money in bed. You should not leave a tip on the table: if the maid is conscientious, she will not take it (what if you forgot this money?).
  5. It is not customary to leave large tips in bars. But you can give 10 percent of your order amount or not take the change you gave for change.

Do you always need to tip – Russian mentality

There can be only one answer – for the service to be of high quality. It’s no secret that the salary of service personnel is far from ideal. And tips are an incentive for waiters and maids to do better work.

  • Tipping the maid will tidy up your room more carefully and change towels and linen in a timely manner. She will not show up in the afternoon when you are resting, but will wait for your absence.
  • You won’t have to wait forty minutes for a waiter receiving a tip from you… He will bring you dishes quickly and with a wide smile, change the ashtray as soon as you put out your cigarette, and will stand nearby, ready to fulfill your next wish.
  • In the cafe and bar you will be immediately remembered as a generous customer and will be served at the proper level.

In general, a tip is a guarantee of your excellent mood during your vacation and quality service.

When it is not customary to tip etiquette

Where in Russia is it customary to leave a tip and how to give it correctly?
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  • Avoid tipping as if you’re doing something embarrassing. Smile, say the traditional “thank you” and, looking at the employee, give the money.
  • If the money remains negligible, it is better not to give anything. With a bill of more than 3-4 thousand, a tip of 10 rubles is practically an insult.
  • When resting in restaurants, carry cash with you in small bills, even if you are used to using plastic cards.
  • Tipping is not a duty and obligation… Tipping is gratitude. If you are happy with the service, be generous. You will not lose weight, and the waiter will become at least a little happier.

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