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The coziest and most beautiful coffee shops in ViennaOne of the most popular (after water and beer, of course) Viennese drinks is definitely coffee. And this coffee “story” started in the Austrian city back in 1683, when the retreating Turks threw sacks full of coffee beans in fright under the city walls.

Today, no tourist will miss the opportunity to taste the famous Viennese coffee with dessert.

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The tradition of drinking coffee in Vienna – join us!

The lack of coffee in Vienna is practically a symptom of the end of the world. With this drink they get up, work, write books, compose music, go to bed.

There are more than 2,500 coffee houses in Vienna, and each inhabitant has 10 kg of coffee annually. And not because there is nothing else to drink. Just coffee for a Viennese is a way of life. And a Viennese coffee house is practically our Russian cuisine, where everyone gathers, communicates, solves problems, thinks about the future and builds their present.

A few facts about Viennese coffee houses:

  • It is not customary to run into a coffee shop for 5 minutesto have a quick sip of coffee and rush away on business – many hours spent over a cup of coffee is normal for Vienna.
  • Do you want fresh news with a cup of coffee? Each coffee shop has a free fresh newspaper (each has its own).
  • The interiors of Viennese coffee houses are rather modest. The emphasis is not on luxury, but on comfort. So that every visitor feels like in the living room of his home.
  • In addition to the newspaper, you will definitely be offered water (also free).
  • Dessert for a cup of coffee is also a tradition. The most popular is the Sacher chocolate cake, which every tourist dreams of trying.
  • How much is? For 1 cup of coffee in a regular coffee shop, you will be asked for 2-6 euros (and 3-4 euros for a dessert), in an expensive coffee shop (in a restaurant) – up to 8 euros per cup.

What kind of coffee do the inhabitants of Vienna drink – mini-guide:

  • Kleiner schwarzer – popular classic espresso. For all his admirers.
  • Kleiner brauner – classic espresso with milk. Unforgettable with dessert! This is far from the espresso that you drank at home at the train station, but a real coffee masterpiece.
  • Grosser brauner – classic 2-step espresso with milk.
  • Kapuziner – maximum coffee (approx. – dark, brown), minimum milk.
  • Fiaker – traditional mocha with rum or cognac. Served in a glass.
  • Melange – a little cream is added to this coffee, and on top it is “covered” with a cap of milk froth.
  • Eispanner. Served in a glass. Very strong coffee (approx. – mocha) with a fluffy head of fresh cream.
  • Franziskaner. This light “melange” is served with cream and, of course, with chocolate chips.
  • Irish Coffee. Strong drink with added sugar, cream and a dose of Irish whiskey.
  • Eiskaffe. Served in a beautiful glass. It is a glaze of wonderful vanilla ice cream, poured with cold but strong coffee, and, of course, whipped cream.
  • Konsul. Strong drink with the addition of a small portion of cream.
  • Mazagnan. The ideal drink on a summer day: chilled aromatic mocha with ice + a drop of maraschino liqueur.
  • Kaisermelange. Strong drink with the addition of egg yolk, a portion of brandy and honey.
  • Maria Theresia. A gourmet drink. Created in honor of the Empress. Mocha with a mini portion of orange liqueur.
  • Johann Strauss. Option for aesthetes – mocha with apricot liqueur and a portion of whipped cream.

Of course, there are many more varieties of coffee served daily in Viennese coffee houses. But the most popular remains invariably “melange”, to which various ingredients are added, depending on the type of coffee and the coffee house itself.

Vienna’s 15 best coffee houses – the coziest coffee spots!

Where to go for a cup of coffee?

Tourists who often visit Vienna will tell you unequivocally – anywhere! Even in ordinary fast foods, Viennese coffee is distinguished by its exquisite taste.

But the following coffee shops are considered the most popular:

  • BräunerhofBräunerhof. A traditional establishment where you can enjoy not only a fantastic cup of coffee, but also Strauss waltzes performed by a small orchestra. The interior of the cafe contains real autographs and photos of the famous playwright and oppositionist Bernhard, who loved to kill time here. For coffee (from 2.5 euros), by all means – fresh newspapers, on which the owner of the establishment spends about a thousand dollars every year.
  • Coffee shops in Vienna - DiglasDiglas. This institution belongs to the Diglas dynasty, whose ancestor opened several restaurants in 1875. Famous actors and composers enjoyed coffee in the Diglas cafe, and even Franz Joseph himself was present at its opening. Despite numerous renovations, the spirit of antiquity reigns here, and antiques are still present in the interior. The price of a cup of coffee is from 3 euros.
  • Coffee shops in Vienna - LandtmannLandtmann. Three dozen chefs work in the kitchen of one of the favorite cafes among the inhabitants of Vienna. Here you will be served the most delicious hand-crafted desserts and of course coffee. Note: Freud liked to come here.
  • Coffee shops in Vienna - SchottenringSchottenring. In this establishment you can choose coffee not only according to your taste, but also according to your mood – from more than 30 types! There is no need to talk about desserts: the most delicious delicacies are for each type of coffee. The atmosphere of complete peace, without fuss and nerves. They do not work here and do not make noise. It is customary here to relax, leaf through newspapers and feast on desserts accompanied by live music. By the way, coffee beans are roasted right here on their own.
  • Coffee shops in Vienna - SchwarzenbergSchwarzenberg. A favorite place for busy residents for business meetings. One of the oldest coffee houses in the city (approx. – 1861), the most famous guest of which is the architect Hofmann. It was here, over a cup of coffee, that he created sketches of future buildings and sculptures. Also, the coffee house is famous for the location within its walls (a historical place!) Of the headquarters of Soviet officers during the liberation of the city from the Nazis. The “business card” of the establishment is a surviving mirror of those times with cracks from a bullet. Everyone will like it here: connoisseurs of good wine, beer lovers and admirers of cocktails (in Schwarzenberg they are prepared wonderfully and for every taste). The price of a cup of coffee starts from 2.8 euros.
  • Coffee shops in Vienna - PrückelPrückel. A classic cafe where you can taste coffee accompanied by the enchanting sounds of the piano. The institution is an alternative venue for various literary readings, performances of opera singers and even jazz concerts. The design style is sophisticated glamor. And there is no need to talk about the quality of desserts and coffee – according to the reviews of tourists, they are “good to the point of disgrace.”
  • Coffee shops in Vienna - SacherSacher. Every Viennese tourist knows about this coffee shop. It is here that people go first of all to taste coffee, Sachertorte (whose dessert was created back in 1832) and strudel.
  • Coffee shops in Vienna - Demel CafeDemel Cafe. No less popular coffee house, where, in addition to strudel, you can also taste the world famous cake, under the chocolate crust of which apricot confiture is hidden. The prices here, as in Sacher, bite.
  • Coffee shops in Vienna - Cafe HawelkaCafe Hawelka. Not the brightest, but extremely pleasant cafe in the city, where real coffee was served even in the post-war years. In this institution, according to the established tradition, the creative elite of Vienna gathers.
  • Coffeehouses in Vienna - Hotel Imperial CafeHotel Imperial cafe. It is visited mainly by tourists, as well as wealthy aged residents. The interior is classic, the coffee is expensive, but fantastically delicious. Of course, you can also pamper yourself with dessert here.
  • Coffee shops in Vienna - KunstHalleCafe KunstHalle. Usually “advanced” young people drop in here. The prices are adequate. Smiling staff, sun loungers in the summer, DJs and great contemporary music. A great place to relax, enjoy a coffee and dessert or an invigorating cocktail. Dishes are prepared here from organic products – tasty and inexpensive.
  • Sperl Coffee ShopSperl. Mostly fans of apple and curd strudel gather here. As well as wealthy residents of Vienna and business people. Very Viennese, cozy cafe with pleasant service. Here you can drink coffee (the choice is quite wide) and have a tasty meal.
  • CentralCentral. This place meets all the criteria of a “true Viennese cafe”. Tourists are lured into this coffee “trap” with fantastic desserts and a wide selection of delicious coffees. Prices, if they do not bite, then bite for sure, for an ordinary tourist it is a little expensive. But worth it!
  • Mozart coffee shop in ViennaMozart. As the name suggests, the coffee shop was named after Mozart. True, a little later than the very foundation of the institution – only in 1929 (the year of creation – 1794). It was the first real café in the city at the end of the 18th century. Fans of the writer Graham Greene will be pleased to know that it was here that he worked on the script for the movie The Third Man. By the way, in the cafe you can even order breakfast for the main character of the picture. Coffee here (from 3 euros) can be sipped inside the establishment or right on the street – on the terrace. The main visitors are the local intelligentsia, all of them are creative people. If you still haven’t tried Sachertorte cake – you are here!
  • Lutz bar in ViennaLutz bar. At night – a bar, in the morning and in the afternoon – a wonderful cafe. An unusually cozy place away from the hustle and bustle. There are 12 coffee options, among which you will find all the popular varieties in Vienna. The design is minimalist, pleasant and calm: nothing should distract you from a cup of coffee (from 2.6 euros). If you are hungry, you will be offered an omelette with bacon, muesli with dried fruits, croissants, scrambled eggs with truffles, etc. No need to go hungry!

Which Viennese coffee house did you like? We’ll be glad if you share your feedback with us!

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