where would you like to build your dream home?

When you live with your parents for a long time or in a rented apartment for which you have to pay a lot of money, you probably start dreaming of your own space, that is, buying or building your own home.

Let’s say you’re almost ready to buy your own home or build a house. In your wildest dreams, where would you like to get it?

Take this fun quiz to hypothetically choose the best place to build or buy.

What do we have to do? Look at the strange picture and notice the FIRST thing that catches your eye. The image you see will be the answer for you.

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Take our other test: TEST-time! What table would you not sit at? We will explain why you made this choice.

Eye in the sky

You are very attracted to the idea of ​​owning a beautiful, solid and high quality home. You can deny yourself a lot in other areas of your life, but when it comes to your dream home, then you have really huge ambitions! You want to build or buy a house in the center of a large European city.

You want to be surrounded by cultural and historical attractions and scenic city views. After all, you’ve worked so hard to make this dream a reality.


You are the person whose dream home should blend seamlessly with the environment. For you, building a house is in harmony with the natural landscape, so that the building is a natural part of it, and not some kind of monolith in a concrete and stone jungle.

You want to build your home in a remote area closer to a forest or a pond with a beach. And you also dream that your home would be safe and protected from prying eyes.


Honestly, you don’t want to build anything at all. If you had a choice, you would rather invest in multiple apartments around the world so that you always have somewhere to stay when you devote your life to your true passion: travel.

For you, home is not a refuge or a family fortress; it’s just a place to catch your breath and relax before heading out on your next adventure.


Your dream home is probably near the ocean. It is quite modest, and its furnishings border on minimalism, but this is not because you do not value aesthetics and comfort.

In fact, you are willing to spend all your money for the ocean view you have always dreamed of. In this house, endless water is visible from each window, and it has a terrace where you can sit with a cup of coffee or tea and watch the beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

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