whether to give a pacifier to a child and is there any harm to a pacifier?

So many issues related to caring for babies are not discussed today on the Internet! Regardless of whether it concerns the use of diapers, developing techniques or the benefits and harms of the nipple, opinions are often diametrically opposed. And, if the controversy with the use of diapers has already subsided, then the discussion of whether a baby needs a nipple continues to gain momentum.

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Before joining the implacable opponents of the nipple, let’s try to figure it out – whether to give a pacifier to a child, how harmful it is or is it still useful.

Pacifier pacifier - harm and benefit

For a start – it is worth knowing that pediatricians do not have a very specific and unambiguous answer to this question.

  • Firstly, each child should be approached individually, and what is suitable for a best friend’s baby may be completely unacceptable for your child.
  • Secondly, situations are different, and not always a dummy – such an evil as they sometimes try to present it.

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Does a baby need a pacifier at all?

Pediatricians believe that if a child has highly developed sucking reflex – a dummy is a must. Due to age, the baby cannot fully satisfy his sucking reflex, since he is not yet able to keep his finger in his mouth.

But when the baby is already mastering this action – he will continue to suck his fingers for a long time, as if compensating for the time when he could not fully satisfy the need. This has a very negative impact on the development of the child. The sucking reflex gradually fades away by 4-5 months, and, being dissatisfied by this time, continues to be dominant, suppresses all other reflexes and prevents proper development.

Based on this, the benefits of the nipple are obvious, and of course, baby needs a pacifier… However, everything should be on time, and late weaning of the baby from the nipple can significantly slow down his speech and general development.

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To be objective and to better understand the issue, let’s consider all the pros and cons.

So, a dummy – for

The benefits of a pacifier are obvious if:

  • Your baby cries a lot, restless and loud.
  • Your baby has a stronger sucking instinct.than necessary. A pacifier is much better than a finger in this case.
  • For some reason, you cannot breastfeedand the baby is bottle-fed. In this case, a dummy is the only option to satisfy the sucking reflex.

Pacifier pacifier - harm and benefit

Dummy – against

Damage from a dummy is also possible:

  • If your baby is breastfed… A dummy can provoke a rejection of the breast precisely because the sucking reflex is completely satisfied.
  • Dentists warn that the use of a pacifier negatively affects the formation of the bite, may affect the deformation of the teeth, etc.
  • The hygienic side of the issue also remains open.: Sterilizing the pacifier is helpful for a short time.
  • Supporting and strengthening the sucking reflex leads to mental retardation in the development of the child
  • Long-term use of the nipple slows down the formation of speech in the baby

Pacifier pacifier - harm and benefit
As you can see, nipples do more harm. But – do not rush to immediately expel the dummy from everyday life. A sharp weaning from the nipple will only bring additional problems to both the baby and you.

Everything should be approached wisely. Expectant mothers also should not go to extremes and buy nipples with a special bite, or contemptuously bypass them. Study the assortment, but you really shouldn’t rush to buy: maybe your baby will not need a nipple – this is typical for many newborns.

Are you for or against the pacifier? Your opinion is very important for us!

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