Which cartoons are better – Soviet or modern?

Baba Yaga or Yadviga Petrovna? A boy with a finger or a fixie? The Swan Princess or the Winx Fairies? How often do parents think about what cartoons and fairy tales their children watch?

We grew up on fairy tales about a kolobok, Finiste the clear falcon and Morozko. In our childhood, we cried about the dog Mitten, rejoiced at Carlson’s tricks and laughed at the mice pestering Leopold the cat. Why is it that now our children are not always interested in the film history of our childhood?

Cinematography from the past

For most modern parents, Soviet cartoons and fairy tales are associated exclusively with fond memories and eternal values.

What cartoons should a child choose for watching: Soviet or modern - the opinion of a psychologist
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Many mothers and fathers are sure that only children’s cinema, originally from the USSR, is able to give children the necessary baggage of moral values ​​and knowledge. Of course, there are many advantages to the good old cartoons.

A clear line between good and evil

In Soviet cartoons from the first minutes it is clear which character is good and which is bad. It is easier for children to perceive this information, which means it is easier to identify themselves with a positive hero.

Concerning modern cartoons, let’s take for example “Masha and the Bear”. There is no clear idea of ​​good and bad here. Masha is the main character from which the kids take an example.

What cartoons should a child choose for watching: Soviet or modern - the opinion of a psychologist
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However, if you disassemble the cartoon in detail, is it not she who terrorizes the entire forest? A capricious child who decided to arrange a “sweet life” for a bear. A dubious example for the younger generation.

However, it’s not all bad. Modern “Malyshariki” and “Fixies” also show children positive examples.

Picture change speed

From the point of view of developmental psychology, it is easier for children to remember and understand Soviet cartoons, because the plots in them do not change quickly. On average, the speed of one picture in old cartoons is about 10 seconds, and in modern ones it is 5.

The faster the picture on the screen changes, the less information the child picks up. Children’s psyche is not designed to maneuver in a large flow of information.

And although children today are developing faster than their parents at that age, this is just the influence of the environment. Children are simply forced to adjust to the speed of the modern world.

Long-term viewing of cartoons with a quick change inhibits the development of the cortical regions of the brain. They are responsible for two important functions: communication skills and motor coordination. That is, the child runs the risk of becoming uncommunicative and lethargic.

Special effects and vibrant colors

What cartoons should a child choose for watching: Soviet or modern - the opinion of a psychologist
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The abundance of special effects and disturbing music of modern cartoons does not allow the child to focus on the content of the video, depletes the psyche and forms an addiction.

In addition, it has been scientifically proven that too “acidic” and bright colors negatively affect the psyche of the child. Soviet fairy tales are distinguished precisely by their calm tones.

There are also many positive examples in modern children’s cinema. Therefore, parents need to be interested in what their children are watching in advance.

The pros of modern cartoons

This is the biggest plus of technological progress. Modern technologies have not only made it possible to create cute characters that do not cause fear in children, but, moreover, even become their favorites, but also make the space three-dimensional. That only animation from Disney is worth – the real masterpieces of animation.

What cartoons should a child choose for watching: Soviet or modern - the opinion of a psychologist
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New technical capabilities allow animators to draw many details. It is easier for children to understand what kind of emotion a character is experiencing. Also, strange elements of clothing and body parts (for example, as in Absent-minded Javani).

The difference between plasticine cartoons and modern 3D animation is, of course, colossal. Therefore, no matter how hard the parents try to maintain a reverent attitude towards such cartoons, it is worth recognizing that this is a past era, cultural heritage and our childhood memories. No more.

  • Cognitive function

There are more teaching moments in modern cartoons. In the productions of the USSR, the bias was towards the development of moral qualities. Now a developmental function has been added to this.

For instance, “Fixies” teach not only such concepts as “friendship” and “respect”. Little people talk about the structure of equipment, objects and their parts.

What cartoons should a child choose for watching: Soviet or modern - the opinion of a psychologist
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In modern cinema, every child can choose a cartoon according to their interests. For girls and boys, about dolls and locomotives, superheroes and robots.

On the one hand, it strongly develops the fantasy. On the other hand, too unreal characters “immerse” the child in their world, and it is difficult for him to navigate in reality.

After watching cartoons about superheroes and wizards, many children begin to take offense that they do not have such abilities. This situation can greatly affect the fragile child’s psyche.

How to choose a cartoon for a child?

What cartoons should a child choose for watching: Soviet or modern - the opinion of a psychologist
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Parents should pay attention to the age limit for cartoons. The ones made for 10 year olds are not suitable for toddlers. They simply will not learn any lesson from them, will not understand the meaning, but will only notice the change in pictures.

In addition, a child, having reached the age of 10 (when it is just right for him to watch such cartoons), will no longer return to watching. He will not be interested in watching the same thing several times. It turns out that the kid will miss this educational moment.

Psychologists advise, and even strongly recommend, not to show cartoons and TV in general to babies under 3 years old. WHO thinks exactly the same.

At such an early age, kids are not yet able to comprehend the content of the picture, but are focused on changing bright pictures.

Watching a cartoon does not carry educational value for them, but it does harm to physical health – it interferes with the development of the musculoskeletal system, impairs vision, and causes hyperactivity.

Marking “0+” does not mean that babies can watch the video. It only means no adult content.

List of cartoons

Among such a variety, it is difficult to choose really useful cartoons. We will omit feature-length films now Disney, but let’s dwell on those that do not take more than 15 minutes to view.

What cartoons should a child choose for watching: Soviet or modern - the opinion of a psychologist
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Both old and new films have those that are useful for every child to watch:

  • “Locomotive from Romashkovo”… Light, kind, calm, but such an instructive cartoon. You can watch it at any age.
  • “Winnie the Pooh”. Perhaps the main thing that can be learned from this cartoon is that it is not necessary to be perfect in order for you to have friends who accept you as you are, since the bear’s company is very motley.
  • “The Lion and the Turtle”… A simple and kind cartoon with excellent musical accompaniment. It does not carry too heavy an emotional load, but it well reveals the qualities of friendship, respect for elders.

Of modern cartoons, the safest and most instructive ones can also be distinguished:

  • “Malyshariki”. A cartoon for the little ones. The guys will recognize colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Also in the plot, the line “good or bad” is well traced.
  • Leo and Teague. The cartoon is not only very beautifully drawn, but also carries a good cognitive function. Friendship, mutual assistance, respect for elders – all the child will be shown by these adorable animals from the taiga.
  • “Fixies”. A series for older children. Younger schoolchildren are the optimal audience for magic cogs. Fixies will help to study objects, techniques and things, as well as teach the child to learn about the world.

What is good and what is bad for a child is, of course, up to the parents to decide. But it is important to understand that no cartoon can replace human communication for a child. And before you turn on the TV, check children’s movie content for harmful factors.

Commentary by child psychotherapist Maya Makieva

What cartoons should a child choose for watching: Soviet or modern - the opinion of a psychologist

Both Soviet and modern cartoons are necessary for children to fully develop and learn in the realities of modern society. However, they should not be overused. They should be appropriate, age-appropriate and appropriate for your child’s individual preferences, and should not overload their psyche.

If, after watching the cartoon, the child is joyful, behaves adequately and is ready to communicate with you, then this is a sign that his psyche has not been overstrained and he enjoyed watching.

If the child has become aggressive or lethargic, his mood has worsened and he is capricious, then apparently he is tired of a quick change of pictures, a tense plot or too long viewing.

Therefore, for the harmonious development of the child, it is still worth limiting the time of watching TV and selecting cartoons taking into account the mental characteristics of the child. The article describes options for safe and educational cartoons, you can also choose cartoons for your child and even watch with him. You should explain to the child what to learn from the heroes of this film and distract him from the TV in time by offering other entertainments.

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