Which Instagram accounts became the most popular in December 2019?

Who became the most popular Instagram blogger in December 2019? Read our rating: maybe you will find people you want to follow!

1. Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova
Photo @ instagram

Olga has the status of the Queen of Instagram. Host, designer, singer … These are not all the incarnations of the girl who once gained popularity on the show “Dom-2”. One can argue about whether Olga is really talented, but one thing is not in doubt: she knows how to attract everyone’s attention.

2. Timati

Photo @ instagram

Recently, the artist and businessman had a second child – the son of Ratmir. This attracted many new subscribers to his page. Timati is open with subscribers and is not afraid to upload personal photos. And such frankness cannot but dispose!

3. Ksenia Borodina

Ksenia Borodina
Photo @ instagram

The secular lioness became famous as the host of the Dom-2 program. Now she is in business, became a designer and is raising two adorable daughters.

4. Pavel Volya

Pavel Volya
Photo @ instagram

A comedian, businessman, designer and an excellent family man: all this is about Pavel Vol, whose Instagram page has over 13 million subscribers.

5. Vera Brezhnev

Vera Brezhneva1
Photo @ instagram

Beautiful Vera attracts subscribers not only with her beauty, but also with numerous scandals related to her personal life.

6. Ivan Urgant

Ivan Urgant
Photo @ instagram

The charming host boasts over 9 million subscribers to his page.

7. Alena Shishkova

Alena Shishkova
Photo @ instagram

The former lover of Timati and the mother of his daughter Alice does not get tired of delighting subscribers with their glamorous photos. True, many people think that the girl is too keen on image processing. However, this does not make her page less interesting.

8. Anastasia Reshetova

Anastasia Reshetova
Photo @ instagram

Anastasia, who recently became a mother, shares with subscribers her experiences related to losing weight after childbirth and her new status.

9. Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia Sobchak
Photo @ instagram

Another girl in this rating who gained popularity thanks to the show “Dom-2”. Ksenia shows a photo of her son, shares moments from her eventful life and, of course, does not get tired of surprising subscribers with witty and controversial comments.

10. Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova
Photo @ instagram

Anna maintains a page on which she prefers to upload her sexy pictures. About 5 million subscribers want to watch her beautiful life.

11. Maxim Galkin

Maksim Galkin
Photo @ instagram

The showman generously shares with subscribers pictures of his “star” wife and twins born in marriage with Pugacheva. Videos with Garik and Lisa collect thousands of enthusiastic comments.

12. Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda
Photo @ instagram

The singer gained popularity not only thanks to her vocal abilities: subscribers like to look for confirmation on her page of the fact of an affair with the lead singer of the Rammstein group Till Lindemann.

13.Sergey Shnurov

Sergei Shnurov
Photo @ instagram

The eccentric performer has managed to gain the interest of 5 million subscribers. And this is not surprising: the combination of talent and an unusual sense of humor simply cannot leave you indifferent.

14. Elena Sheidlina

Elena Sheidlina
Photo @ instagram

A young talented artist lays out unusual photo collages that can be viewed for hours.

15. Doctor Komarovsky

Doctor Komarovsky
Photo @ instagram

Many young mothers are subscribed to the page of the famous pediatrician: almost 5 million people read it.

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