Which ironing board should you choose for your home?

Ironing clothes is impossible without an ironing board. How to choose an ironing board, and what parameters you need to pay attention to, you will learn in the article.

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Home ironing board

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What kind of home ironing boards are there?

The range of offered ironing boards is very diverse. These household ironing devices can be divided into types:

  • Fixed to the wall at one end – built-in ironing boards
    They take up almost no space and slide out when necessary. A real find for small apartments. Such boards are built into a wardrobe or a special cabinet.
    Home ironing board
    You can order the side of the board that will be visible to be made in the form of a picture – then the board will also be an element of decor.
  • Portable ironing boards
    The main plus is their mobility. Can be ironed anywhere: bathroom, living room. Then fold and put in a secluded place.
    Home ironing board
    Minus – additional, albeit small, space occupied.
  • Ironing boards with a drawer (chest of drawers) for linen
    The working surface of the ironing board is located on top of the chest of drawers and can be expanded to the desired size. If you choose such a chest of drawers with a board to match the interior of the room, then it will harmoniously fit into the decor.
    Home ironing board
    There are chests of drawers that are made of wood, Spanish cane (rattan) and other materials. The choice is huge.
  • Ironing boards for furniture
    They save space by being installed inside cabinets and furniture walls.
    Home ironing board
    Such boards have special rollers on which they easily leave the box and return back in the same way.
  • Ironing boards with additional options, for example – with a steam generator
    The mains-powered functions allow you to securely fix the fabric on the board, dry and steam things.
    Home ironing board
    This board is especially convenient for ironing delicate synthetic items and elastic fabrics.

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Basic requirements for an ironing board

A good ironing board is one that meets the requirements, namely:

  • Easy, that is, with a weight that a woman can handle without much effort;
  • Reliableso that it does not stagger, not bend and nothing falls off;
  • Small-sizedto take up a relatively small volume when folded;
  • Convenientso that the ironing process is not unnerving, but quick and comfortable. This is facilitated by a wide working surface, an optimal location of the outlet and a retractable iron stand, as well as the presence of board height adjustment, a stand for smoothing sleeves, a bracket for shirts;
  • High qualityFor the board to serve for a long time, you need to choose the ironing board wisely, paying attention to everything: table top, legs, fixings.

Home ironing board

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How to choose the right ironing board?

To choose the right ironing board, pay attention to:

  1. Work surface
    It can be made from …
    • Chipboard Such boards are not durable, but inexpensive. Over time, the tabletop deforms due to moisture and temperature.
    • Metal. Chipboard is much more durable, but you need to pay attention to whether there are enough holes in it for steam to escape. If there are few of them, then the accumulated steam will quickly render the cover covering the board unusable. The best option if the metal sheet is covered with wood on top.
    • Thermoplastic. An innovative material for ironing boards. It is vapor permeable, durable, and lightweight.
  2. The top cover of the countertop – the cover – also matters
    • Covers are cotton, synthetic, non-stick, moisture-proof and heat-resistant; removable and stationary
    • When buying a board with a removable cover, make sure high-quality fastening cover to the board.
    • Better to choose covers with additional fastening in the form of ropes, not rubber bands, tk. after a while the elastic bands will stretch.

    Covers are now developed, helping to clean the iron and the possibility of double-sided ironing… This is achieved through special inclusions and metal inserts on the surface of the case.

  3. Legs
    They ensure the stability of the structure.
    • The most stable are the boards, the legs of which protrude beyond the edges of the tabletop in width.
    • The feet should have rubber caps to prevent scratching the floor surface.
    • The legs are attached to the table top by welding, bolts or rivets. The most durable option is considered to be bolted fastening, and riveted fasteners are considered unreliable, because rivets will loosen over time.
  4. Fixing the height
    The height level in the ironing boards can be fixed smoothly or in steps. With smooth locking, you can select different heights, and with stepped locking, a maximum of three positions. But boards with a stepped height mode are more durable, and in boards with a smooth fixation, this mechanism quickly looses and becomes unusable.
  5. Additional attributes
    Things that make ironing a lot easier are:
    • Iron stand. A retractable stand will allow you to keep the iron close at hand;
    • Removable support for ironing sleeves. With its help, you can make shirt sleeves without a single fold. For those who iron a lot of shirts, this accessory will come in handy;
    • Shelf for ironed linen. A very handy thing. Where to put an ironed shirt or dress? There is no need to look for a suitable place – it is located under the table top.
    • Iron cord lock. Who likes to have the cord snag endlessly on the corners of the ironing board? And the fixing stand will limit the movement of the cord and it will not interfere with the ironing process.

The choice of an ironing board involves taking into account not only the parameters of the board with its main and additional functions, but also dimensions of your living space… In a small apartment, it is advisable to purchase a compact ironing board, and if there is a place to “roam”, then the best option would be to buy an ironing board with many additional functions.

What type of home ironing board have you chosen? Share your master’s experience in the comments below!

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