Which nursing bra to choose – 5 best models

If you are a nursing mother and are wondering if you need a nursing bra, as well as how to choose the right bra for feeding your baby, then here you will find answers to these questions.

Which nursing bra to choose - 5 best models
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6 types of breastfeeding bras

Benefits of a nursing bra:

  • Supports the breast, preventing it from sagging and the formation of stretch marks;
  • Convenience when feeding a baby – no need to remove a bra;
  • You can not take it off even at night, thereby preventing milk stagnation that occurs if mom falls asleep in an uncomfortable position;
  • Relieves pain during feeding and is a good prevention of mastitis.

There are several types of bras that offer a variety of ways to breastfeed your little man.

1. Nursing bra with closure between the cups

Which nursing bra to choose - 5 best models
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Advantages: quickly and conveniently unfastens, allows you to adjust the size under the bust due to 3-4 possible positions of the fastener.

Flaws: Some breastfeeding mothers may find this breastfeeding bra uncomfortable and immodest. he opens his chest completely during feeding.

2. Nursing bra with zippers

Which nursing bra to choose - 5 best models

Nursing bra with zippers located near each cup.

Advantages: easily and safely opens and fastens.

Flaws: if you want to wear tight things, the zipper of the bra will stand out on the clothes.

3. Bra with a fastener on the strap in the form of a small button located above the cup

Which nursing bra to choose - 5 best models
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It allows you to freely lower the cup and feed the baby. Buy a nursing bra where the entire breast is released, not just the nipple.

Advantages: ease of use.

Flaws: If the bra tissue presses on the lower part of the breast when the breast is not fully released, it can cause a delay in the milk flow.

4. Elastic bra for nursing women

Which nursing bra to choose - 5 best models
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Elastic bras made of easily stretchable materials allow you to simply pull back the cup, thereby exposing your breasts.

Advantages: the elastic cup allows you to change the size.

Flaws: some may not seem like a very modest option.

5. Sleep bras – for nursing women

Which nursing bra to choose - 5 best models
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Sleep bras are specially made from lightweight materials, so they are lightweight and almost imperceptible. Bras for nursing mothers have a crisscross front configuration.

Disadvantage is that it will not suit mothers with very large breasts.

When to buy a nursing bra and how to choose a size?

It is better to buy a nursing bra when the volume and shape of the breast is close to the breast of a nursing woman, i.e. – in the last month of pregnancy

  • First measure the circumference under the bust. This figure should be guided by when determining the size of the bra.
  • Measure the bust at the most prominent pointsto determine the cup size.

Nursing bra sizes are classified from sizes 1 to 5.

Using an example, we will determine the required size. If you have a bust of 104 and an under bust of 88, then 104 – 88 = 16.
We look at the table:

  • Difference in cm: 10 – 11 – fullness AA – corresponds to zero size;
  • 12 – 13 – A – the first size;
  • 14-15 – B – second size;
  • 16-17 – C – third size;
  • 18-19 – D – fourth size;
  • 20 – 21 – DD is the fifth size.

The difference in subtraction corresponds to “C” – the third dimension. In this example, the required bra size is 90B.

Nursing Bra Size Chart

When choosing a bra, focus on processing of seams inside the cup, on whether the breast is comfortably supported. If you feel the slightest inconvenience, especially in the seam area, then it is better not to buy this model, but to consider the option of a bra model with a seamless cup.

Make a purchase of more than one bra, but severalas your milk will leak and therefore you will have to wash your bras often.

How to choose the right nursing bra?

Before choosing a nursing bra, check out our tips:

  • Buy the best quality bra – this is not the thing where you need to save.
  • Choose cotton brasthat keep the nipple cool and dry.
  • The clasps should be comfortable, do not cause discomfort, do not bump into the body and easily open and close.
  • The straps should be wideto provide adequate support for your breasts.
  • The fit should be comfortable… This is usually accomplished with an elastic band at the bottom of the bodice.
  • A maximum of two, at least one finger should be placed between the bra and the back… If there are more than two fingers or they do not fit at all, do not consider this option.
  • If you put on a bra, put your hands up and it goes up the back – the bra doesn’t suit you.
  • Remember – rigid elements or bones in a bra for nursing mothers are not allowed, because their presence leads to stagnation of milk.
  • Buy a bra only after trying it onsince every woman is individual, and all manufacturers cannot take into account the peculiarities of the female breast. Look for your own option that suits you.

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