Which simulator to buy for the day at home – 4 home simulators

The modern rhythm and lifestyle dictates its own conditions for choosing the necessary physical activity. When there is not enough time to go to a fitness club, a home simulator comes to the rescue. It is convenient and effective, because you can make a training schedule yourself, do your body work without leaving home.

COLADY will tell you what types of home exercise equipment are available so that you choose the one that suits you.

The fitness trainer named the 4 best types of home exercise equipment - always be in shape!
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Exists four types of home exercise equipment… They differ not only in their size from those simulators that are in the fitness center, but also, importantly, in their price.

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Everyone can afford an exercise machine for home, but you need to understand what goal you are pursuing – to build muscle mass, lose weight, or keep yourself in good physical shape.

Each simulator has its own characteristics.

Effective home strength training equipment

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  • Horizontal bar, parallel bars, wall bars
    The most effective way to maintain your physical condition at the proper level is to work with your own weight.
    The horizontal bar is, first of all, pull-ups, which allows strengthen the muscles of the arms, back, abdomen, and also – correct posture and straighten the spine.
    Dips give excellent stress on arms and back… It may well replace going to the gym.
  • Barbell and dumbbells
    Work on muscle mass, body relief, as well as weight loss
    Suitable for those who want build muscle, however, it requires a responsible approach, and in the work with the barbell – a partner.
    Dumbbells can be from 0.5 to 15 kg.
  • Power station
    The simulator’s compactness, combined with the ability to work on various muscle groups, makes it one of the most effective ways to achieve the goal of strength training without leaving your home.
    It is a bench with a stand along with a number of levers and power blocks.

Home cardiovascular equipment

The fitness trainer named the 4 best types of home exercise equipment - always be in shape!
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  • Exercise bike
    There are two types of exercise bikes: mechanical and electrical. The differences are in price and smoothness.
    Mechanical exercise bikes are noisier and the speed is controlled by the user.
    Electric exercise bikes have a built-in motor that maintains the set speed.
    Both exercise bikes give harmony of the gluteal muscles, legs, and are also an excellent pacemaker, affecting the respiratory system and increasing the body’s endurance.
  • Treadmill
    As with exercise bikes, they are divided into two types: mechanical and electrical. The first ones are suitable for trained people, because the rotation is set exclusively by you. In most cases, the sensation of moving along such a path corresponds to a natural run.

Electric treadmills allow you to select a work program: movement speed, program pace – transitions from fast to slow running. In both cases, you can adjust the angle of inclination of the surface, which adds or, conversely, reduces the load.

  • Stepper
    The simulator simulates walking up the stairs.
The fitness trainer named the 4 best types of home exercise equipment - always be in shape!

Goes load on the gluteal muscles and legs, in particular. Can work and muscles of the shoulder girdleif the stepper is equipped with hand levers.

Ellipsoids – universal home sports equipment

The fitness trainer named the 4 best types of home exercise equipment - always be in shape!

The effectiveness of the ellipsoid, as a simulator that combines the functions of a stepper and a treadmill, lies in the ability to work on a muscle group at the same time.

Is happening training of the respiratory system, legs, buttocks, arms and back… Muscles are continuously saturated with oxygen, and fat is actively burned. What is important is that there is no load on the joints.
This feature of the simulator allows you to work out on it athletes after injuries, as well as people with chronic joint diseases.

Home rowing machines

Quite expensive, and, moreover, takes up a lot of space (2 meters in length). strengthen the cardiovascular system, lose weight, build abs and arms

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