Which suitcase is better to buy for travel – the nuances of choosing the best suitcase on wheels and without

Which suitcase is better to buy for travel - the nuances of choosing the best suitcase on wheels and withoutIt would seem – what is easier than buying a suitcase? I chose the most beautiful for myself, and that’s the end of it, and the lady with the suitcase! But it was not there! After all, choosing a suitcase is a whole science! It is important not to be mistaken with the size and volume, to foresee all the important points, to guess with the choice of material, the number of wheels and even with locks.

The main thing is not to panic! We will tell you how not to make the wrong choice and which suitcase will be the most convenient for your trip!

The content of the article:

  1. Travel Suitcase Sizes and Ideal Weight
  2. The choice of suitcases by material – fabric, plastic?
  3. Suitcase with or without wheels?
  4. Suitcase and travel safety
  5. Which suitcase will make your travels easy and enjoyable?

Travel Suitcase Sizes and Ideal Weight

One of the key parameters for choosing a suitcase is, of course, its size. The predominantly Russian assortment of these products is represented by foreign brands, therefore, as a rule, the English system of measures is used, and the size of a travel suitcase is determined precisely by inches and diagonally.

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We choose the size of the suitcase in height and in inches:

  • S (height <60 cm; capacity <50 l). A good “light” option for carry-on luggage. In such a suitcase you can put a pair of shoes and a cosmetic bag, your favorite book, a set of souvenirs for loved ones. Suitable for a child, teenager. Medium sizes are 16-20 inches (height: 48-54 cm, width: 30-40 cm, depth: 20-22 cm). The 20-inch product with a volume of 45 liters is the most popular suitcase.
  • M (height <70 cm; capacity <90 l). Most popular size. Ideal for the tourist who takes the essentials with him. Dimensions: 24 inches (65 cm high, 42 cm wide, 24 cm deep).
  • L (height> 70 cm; capacity <120 l). Large suitcase for families. Size 28 inches (72 cm high, 44 cm wide, 26 cm deep).
  • XL (height> 80 cm; capacity <180 l). This huge suitcase is perfect for moving or cruising. It can easily fit the things of the whole family.

On a note:

Do not forget that the dimensions can fluctuate by 3-5 cm +/-, and the “displacement” of a suitcase often depends on the brand and manufacturer.

For example, the capacity of small suitcases can be 30 liters or 49 liters, and medium ones – from 50 liters.

And be sure pay attention to weight – especially if you are flying by plane (the weight of a suitcase is not limited by anything only when it is transported by train or car on its own, and airlines have restrictions on the maximum weight of suitcases).

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The choice of suitcases by material – fabric, plastic, leather?

What material would be preferable to a suitcase? Of course, leather and fabric are nicer. But plastic models are also quite attractive.

The advantages and disadvantages of luggage will help you navigate, which we will describe below:

Cloth suitcase

Convenient for travel by train and car. The most durable fabrics are polyamide, nylon and polyester.


  • The cheapest – when choosing a suitcase by material.
  • Light weight.
  • The presence of external spacious pockets.
  • Does not deteriorate from impact.
  • Sometimes it has the function of increasing the volume due to a large external pocket.


  • Poorly protects fragile items inside the suitcase.
  • May get wet and leak in rain (requires purchase of a cover).
  • Deforms.
  • Difficult to wash after the trip.

Plastic suitcase

The suitcase is good for transporting fragile items in small quantities.

Modern models are made of high-strength plastic, but they are more expensive.


  • Relatively lightweight.
  • The things inside are protected from shock and rain.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Scratches remain on the surface. To protect against them, you will have to get a cover.
  • It is capable of splitting from a blow.

Leather suitcase

Good for business travel.


  • Attractive, solid appearance. Status thing!
  • Not afraid of moisture.
  • Easy care.


  • High price.
  • Scratched.
  • Too heavy.

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Suitcase with or without wheels – the pros and cons of both

When choosing a suitcase for vacation, be sure to check the wheels. This is one of the most important selection criteria!

With broken wheels, even the most beautiful and durable suitcase will not see overseas countries and luxury hotels – it will go to the mezzanine or straight to the trash heap.

Save yourself hassle and money – check the wheels right away:

  1. Number of wheels. The suitcase with 4 wheels is designed for riding on flat roads. Pros – long service life, easy handling, good maneuverability. Advantages of the 2-wheeled suitcase: higher permeability. Minus – wheels break quickly, low maneuverability, you can roll only in a tilted state.
  2. Material: silicone wheels (silent, soft, but bursting from load and uneven roads), plastic (noisy, brittle, unreliable), rubber (silent, most reliable).
  3. Wheel size. Of course, 2 solid wheels, recessed in the body and not protruding beyond its limits, will be more passable. It is recommended to choose a product with independent wheel mounting (metal and mounted on metal bearings).

A suitcase without wheels is certainly cheaper, but extremely inconvenient on any trip.

Checking the handles of the suitcase:

  • Side and top handles (additional) are needed for more comfortable lifting of the suitcase. Telescopic – for moving the product along the road.
  • The handles should be made of dense material and with additional rivets or screws screwed into the body of the suitcase.
  • The presence of a retractable handle is one of the main advantages.

Telescopic handle selection criteria:

  1. Tight mount.
  2. Several pull-out positions.
  3. Absence of extraneous sounds when pulling out and “dangling” in the suitcase.
  4. When closed, the handle should be 100% buried in the body.
  5. The ideal material is metal.

After choosing a suitcase, roll it around the store by the handle: check the handle height, comfort when rolling the suitcase

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Suitcase and travel safety – how to choose a reliable suitcase?

When choosing a suitcase, do not forget about additional criteria:

  • We are looking for a reliable zipper! The ideal option is wide (approx. – from 1 cm), dense, with huge teeth and plastic. Choose spiral teeth, the most reliable (tractor ones break faster). It’s good if the zipper is also rubberized, with protection from moisture.
  • Lock. Hinged is considered more practical, but it is not very reliable, and the key is often lost. The combination lock is more reliable, but if it breaks or the code is lost, you will have to damage the suitcase or take it to a service center. The ideal option is a combined one, with both locks, and a combination lock – with the “TSA” system.
  • Inner space. A practical and high-quality suitcase has several compartments, small pockets with a waterproof lining (for documents), a double bottom and special fasteners that keep things inside if the suitcase is accidentally opened. Check if the lining is of high quality inside, it should be made of dense fabric, without crooked seams.
  • Additional emphasis. This option will protect the suitcase from falls. An additional stop can be stationary or retractable.

Also useful:

  1. Extra strap.
  2. Cover to protect the suitcase from scratches and moisture.
  3. Bright pen tape and address tag – so as not to confuse your suitcase with someone else’s.

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To summarize – which suitcase will make your travels easy and enjoyable?

So, we have studied the criteria for choosing a suitcase, and it remains only to summarize and determine – what is it, the very ideal suitcase for travel?

  • For a short trip with a minimum of luggage by plane to a country with flat roads, an 18-inch suitcase with 4 wheels, with a plastic or leather case and silicone wheels will do.
  • For a long vacation with the whole family when traveling by car it is better to choose large lightweight 24-28-inch 2-wheel fabric suitcases with the possibility of increasing the volume due to the external pocket.

The best suitcase has rubber wheels, a solid wide zipper, a durable body and the most comfortable interior space.

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