White shirt in a women’s wardrobe – how and with what to wear a white shirt

A white shirt for women is a must for a basic wardrobe. It allows you to easily compose smart, business and city looks of different ages, changing only the accessories and the bottom of the suit.



Ideally silk. Normal length – up to the thigh so you can tuck in. With a well tailored collar. Sleeve length can be up to the wrist so that it can be effectively rolled up to the elbow.

It is worth remembering that white has many shades: cream, milky, lime white, alabaster, snow white, ecru and platinum. When choosing a shade, it is worth paying attention to the complexion of the face, hair, eyes. So, a snow-white tone will emphasize all the imperfections of a yellowish-dark skin, and a cream one, on the contrary, will make the complexion more attractive.

White top black bottom

This classic combination will never go out of style. Well, to emphasize your individuality, you can use jewelry and accessories.

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Shirt with vest

This combination does not always imply a business style. Firstly, vests can be of different styles – from denim or leather to plain plain colors. Secondly, it is important with which bottom you combine it. With a short or long, bright or pastel skirt, shorts or trousers?


For office

A business style can be interesting and attractive. It is enough to combine a stylish white shirt with your favorite jewelry, original trousers and heels.

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For city walks

In this case, you can afford to wear a bright skirt of your favorite length and heels. However, if you wear a white shirt with a fashionable skirt, light ballet shoes and a beautiful necklace, you will also be in the spotlight!

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Exquisitely combining different textures of white fabric, you can achieve certain success. Exquisite? Yes, unique and elegant! In this case, the usual details – like bright makeup, manicure and jewelry – attract special attention.


With bright trousers

When buying clothes in rich colors, you think a little how often we can wear them in color. After all, some colors are very difficult to combine with the rest of the wardrobe. In that case, a white shirt is a safe bet! She will not only emphasize a fashionable shade, but also allow you to use any accessories.

With ripped or frayed denim

This combination creates the effect of slight negligence. However, other things must be in perfect condition, otherwise your romance will turn into neglect.


Spicy detail

If you want to create a playful yet businesslike look, tie a tie. Checkered, cute patterned, or solid color, it will go perfectly with a plain white shirt.

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With a leather skirt

A white shirt will protect you from vulgarity and allow you to look moderately sexy and stylish. It is desirable that the shirt is made of natural silk. Leather pants or shorts can be used instead of a skirt.

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Nautical image

Use navy blues and reds, perhaps traditional stripes, and nautical elements to create a fresh nautical look.

For all occasions

Skinny jeans + trendy white shirt + heels + necklace = a beautiful idea for those who prefer a simple style “closer to the people” and lead an active lifestyle.

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During the cold season

Looks with a white shirt are popular in any season. So, in the fall, we continue to refresh it with a collar of cozy sweaters or complement it with jackets, cardigans and denim jackets.

So what about the collar?

In 2014, it is better to wear the collar boldly turned up or strictly reduced to the last button. Forget about neatly laid out on the sides – now it is more reminiscent of a la librarian style.

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