Who are short tops and what to wear with them: stellar examples

Short topsCrop tops appear regularly in fashion collections. Nowadays designers do not get hung up on one style or color scheme; a variety of models can be found on sale. But not everyone understands which side to approach this stylish wardrobe item. Let’s study the images of celebrities to make it easier to create your own unique bow.

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Sporty and minimalist

In the summer, no one wants to bother with the selection of clothes. Therefore, you need to have several versatile items in your wardrobe that can be put on five minutes before going out. Of course, they have to be stylish and go well with each other!

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is an established style icon for many. Even in a simple white top, she does not get lost, she looks very fresh and elegant. The girl pairs it with light-colored jeans. The final accent is the massive necklace.

Lucy Hail

Lucy Hale wore light-colored jeans and a white top from the manufacturer to celebrate the anniversary of Levi’s. The image could have turned out to be boring, but the actress was able to diversify it with the help of a bright clutch bag and a black jacket. The so-called mommy jeans go very well with a snow-white top.

Black top

Victoria Justice emphasizes her figure in every possible way. She wore a tight black top with skinny shiny jeans. The singer complemented the look with a beret and jewelry. In this form, you are unlikely to be able to go to work, but for an evening promenade, it is perfect.

Bibi Rex

If you like simple and comfortable clothes, pay attention to the image of Bibi Rexa in the photo. She combines blue jeans with a patterned crisp white top with a collar. The highlight of this look is a plaid shirt, casually thrown over the top. For summer in our area, such an outfit may turn out to be hot, but closer to autumn it is worth remembering the stylish combination. The singer picked up stiletto heels, although sports shoes would be more suitable for such a bow.

Refined and elegant

Short tops can even be worn to business meetings if you choose the right wardrobe items.

For example, a top with a jacket and a pencil skirt looks stylish and elegant.

Small earrings and a clutch will help complement the look.

Victoria Justice

This Victoria Justice bow looks much softer than the previous one. A polka dot top with wide sleeves fits well both a skirt and flared trousers, as in the photo. It is better to choose shoes with low heels for him. Do not get carried away with accessories, otherwise the airiness of the image will be lost.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is most often seen in loose dresses and long skirts. Even the top in a sporty style, the actress was able to wear so that it turned into an appropriate detail of the romantic image. In such a fluffy jacket and skirt, you can go both on a date and in the office. Pink sandals have become a kind of bright accent, they successfully emphasized the girl’s tan.

Kat Stevens

Kat Stevens proves by her appearance that a properly selected top will look appropriate on the red carpet. She wore a fashionable knitted thing in dark blue with a skirt a few shades lighter. The image turned out to be sexy, but no frills.

Bright and confident

If you always choose your clothes carefully and love to stand out, check out the following looks. These stars certainly feel comfortable in bright and stylish outfits.

By the way, do not give up a short top if you are unhappy with your figure.

Choose a comfortable model with spacious sleeves, complement it with jeans or high-waisted shorts – and you are beautiful!

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell always dresses tastefully. Her style is adored by confident and daring girls, lovers of adventure. A bow like the one in the photo is perfect for a summer party, going to a concert or a music festival. A top with sleeves will protect you from the breeze, and short shorts will not get in the way of dancing. So that the image does not turn out to be too dark and gloomy, the girl picked up a bag in a pale blue shade. And the red stripes on her top pair perfectly with the frames of her sunglasses!

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts wears dresses in the frame so often that she prefers a sporty style in everyday life. She recently posted a photo in high-rise jeans and an original print top. These things go well both in style and in color.

Anne Marie

Anne-Marie simply loves to combine short tops with suits. The picture shows her in a chic oversized jacket, high pants with the exact same print and a white top. In this way, the singer feels comfortable, she appears in it on stage and beyond.

Chloe Bridges

Chloe Bridges is a very bright looking girl. Maybe that’s why she’s not shy about wearing colorful, flashy outfits. The model and actress wore a black and white top with a colorful skirt just above the knee. The result is a very summer and positive ensemble, which is complemented by bright ribbons on sandals.

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