Who are Timati’s children from different mothers like?

Timur Yunusov is a successful Russian hip-hop performer, producer, actor and entrepreneur. But few people know that he is also a wonderful father of two children. Today we will reveal exactly this facet of Timati and find out who his children from different mothers are like.

Alena Shishkova and daughter Alisa

Timur has never been married, however, he had many affairs with beautiful girls.

And so, in 2012, he meets Alena Shishkova. This is a 24-year-old successful model from Tyumen. Alena won prizes at regional beauty contests in her hometown. And at the contest “Miss Russia-2012” she took 2nd place.

After that, the girl’s life changed dramatically. Enviable suitors began to notice her, and model agencies offered expensive contracts. Timati had to give Alena a lot of bouquets and gifts so that she turned her attention to him.

Timati and Alena Shishkova
Timati with Alena Shishkova

Despite the tender relationship, there was no wedding. But on March 9, 2014, the couple had a daughter, Alice. The child was born weighing 4 kg and a height of 53 centimeters. Timati was immensely happy.

During childbirth in the Dominican Republic, Timur and Simona were next to Alena. Almost the entire first year of her life, the baby with her mother and grandmother spent on the seashore. Alena very quickly got in shape after the birth of her daughter and went to her favorite job.

So it has happened since then that the girl spends most of the time with her grandmother Simona. The grandmother completely controls the education and upbringing of her granddaughter, shares with her the first small victories in her life.

Timati with children
Timati with his daughter Alice and son Simon

Timur and Alena no longer live as a family. The true reasons for their separation are still unknown, however, there are several versions of what happened. According to some unofficial data, the model threw the rapper for the sake of an affair with the football player Anton Shunin. There is a version that Yunusov was not ready for family relationships.

Whatever happens in reality, Timati and Alena maintain friendly relations for the sake of their daughter and celebrate the birthdays of the brown-eyed baby together.

Timati with his wife and daughter

Which one of them is Alice more like? It seems to us that for mom and dad. From her mother, Alice took blond hair, natural grace, a chiseled figure and cute shyness.

Shishkova with her daughter
Alena Shishkova with her daughter Alice

From dad – brown eyes, dark skin, facial features, amazing facial expressions and love for extreme sports.

Timati with her daughter
Timati with his daughter Alice
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Anastasia Reshetova and son Ratmir

In 2015, Timati begins to meet with the model and the first vice-miss Russia-2015 Anastasia Reshetova.

Anastasia Reshetova and timati
Timati and Anastasia Reshetova

At first, the lovers carefully concealed the connection. Even those close to Anastasia did not know that she was building a relationship with the musician. Over time, it became obvious to the fans that the couple was serious. Nastya flashed in the pictures of the Black Star leader in his house, and her participation in the “Keys from Paradise” video also spoke a lot. But it was only at the MUZ-TV awards that the lovers posed for the first time without hesitation in front of the camera, officially confirming the relationship.

A discussion broke out on the Web: who was better suited to Timati – Alena Shishkova or Anastasia Reshetova?

Simona Yunusova said that she agreed with any choice of her son, hoping to put an end to the endless disputes of people about two models. Later, Alena and Nastya themselves commented that the “love triangle” does not exist, as well as hostility between them. In addition, Timati managed to maintain a warm relationship with his former chosen one, which was approved by the fans. However, the time has come to start a new family.

The rapper and the model moved in together, which means that conversations about marriage could not be avoided. However, the fans did not wait for the wedding date.

Pregnant Anastasia Reshetova

Soon it became known about the interesting position of Anastasia.

The news was confirmed by Alena Shishkova:

“Children are happiness. Alice is a very sociable child, it will be her half-brother or sister, and she will treat this child very warmly, ”she said.

On October 16, in an elite clinic in Moscow, Nastya gave birth to a son. The boy was named Ratmir, in honor of the rapper’s deceased friend, which greatly touched the fans of the star family.

Timati with family

Reshetova coped with the role of mother perfectly: without resorting to the help of a nanny, she managed to do both household chores and a child. However, the chosen one did not always stay close. A week after the birth of his son, Timati flew to the Maldives. It was about another working trip, but the haters interpreted the situation differently: they say, the singer has already found a mistress and is cheating on Anastasia. The model assured that these are only defamatory rumors.

Recently, Anastasia posted on Instagram Timur’s childhood photos and her own to show fans who Ratmir looks like.

Nastya and son
Photo @ volkonskaya.reshetova

This baby is dark-haired, like both parents. With very lively facial expressions and beautiful eyes. The baby is only 7 months old, so it is difficult to say yet who he looks more like. It can be seen that he took something from both mom and dad. Let Ratmir grow up – and there it will be seen.

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Alisa and Ratmir Yunusov

Timur loves his children very much. No one suspected that the rapper would turn out to be such a gentle and caring father. He loves his heirs and gives them all the best.

Timati with children

He loves to be photographed with children and recently shot a cute joint video, calling the kids his main achievement in life:

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