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Game of Thrones, aka Game of Thrones, is a series that has become a cult series that has attracted millions of viewers around the world. Women play an important role in the intricacies of the plot of the popular saga, so there are no fewer female characters in the series than male ones. Try to find yourself among them by passing this test.

TV series Game of Thrones - what kind of hero are you?  Take the test!

The test consists of 10 questions, to which only one answer can be given. Do not hesitate for a long time on one question, choose the option that seemed most suitable to you.

1. How will you react when faced with injustice?

A) I’d rather organize the injustice myself than wait for such a situation to arise.
B) Justice will still prevail, and I will only bring this moment closer by all means. If necessary, with the use of force.
C) I will distance myself so as not to hurt and will act on the sly, restoring the real state of affairs.
D) I will accept it if I am powerless in the face of circumstances. All the same, time will put everything in its place.

2. Do you borrow money from friends?

A) If I have to borrow, I always return.
B) I do not borrow, if I need something, I always get it.
C) I don’t like debtors, I don’t borrow money myself.
D) I try to help as much as possible and hope for responsiveness.

3. Are you afraid of difficulties?

A) I’m not afraid of anything.
B) Difficulties do not scare me, because I expect them.
C) In any incomprehensible situation I rely on my intuition – it never lets me down.
D) As applicable.

4. What is your main life value?

A) Unlimited power.
B) Influence and recognition.
C) Fidelity to your ideals.
D) Friendship and sincerity.

5. How do you see your ideal vacation?

A) In silence, calmness and loneliness.
B) In a pleasant company for an intellectual conversation somewhere outside the city.
C) In places of personal power.
D) With family or friends.

6. How do you think others see you?

A) Domineering, authoritarian.
B) Decisive and fair.
C) Not of this world and not like everyone else.
D) Nice and somewhat naive.

7.… and how do you see yourself?

A) Cunning and calculating.
B) Wise and able to predict the consequences of their actions.
C) Smarter than many people.
D) Good-natured but suspicious.

8. What is family to you?

A) A means of achieving the set goals.
B) Noble family name and privileges.
C) I try not to get attached to anyone.
D) My home and my protection.

9. Mercy and compassion or revenge and the triumph of justice?

A) Of course, revenge, there is nothing sweeter than revenge on enemies.
B) Mercy and the triumph of justice.
C) None of these concepts. There is only what should be and what is foreseen cannot be changed.
D) Compassion and revenge – you cannot remain human without retaining the ability to empathize, even in relation to enemies.

10. What is love for you?

A) Only mothers have true love for their children.
B) If the end justifies the means, then love can recede.
C) Love is a myth invented by people.
D) Loving and being loved is the most beautiful thing a woman can experience.


More Answers A

TV series Game of Thrones - what kind of hero are you?  Take the test!Cersei Lannister

Composure and calculating, coupled with adherence to your personal principles – that’s what characterizes you. You can easily go over the heads in the name of your own goal, if by all means want to achieve it.

More Answers B

TV series Game of Thrones - what kind of hero are you?  Take the test!Daenerys Targaryen

You are the real personification of iron endurance and steel character. But even with a strong-willed attitude, you have humanity and the ability to compromise. You are an incredible combination of strength and capacity for sincere feelings.

More Answers C

TV series Game of Thrones - what kind of hero are you?  Take the test!Melisandre

Your loyalty to your ideals deserves respect – rarely, when a person persistently follows his own path, keeping faith in yourself and your destiny, which you easily found for yourself. And even if for many you are not of this world, this does not bother you at all.

More Answers D

TV series Game of Thrones - what kind of hero are you?  Take the test!Sansa Stark

Family is not an empty phrase for you. It is a close-knit living organism, where everyone is responsible for each other, where all family members are ready to help and support in difficult times. You can safely count on them, and they will be able to lean on your shoulder in difficult times.

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