Who are you from the 7 deadly sins – test by Bologny

The seven deadly sins are mythological demons that tempt people. Since ancient times, the number “7” was considered magical, sacred.

What are they, the seven deadly sins?

  • Anger.
  • Pride.
  • Gluttony.
  • Envy.
  • Lust.
  • Greed.
  • Laziness.

Do you want to know what passion can destroy you? Then take a look at the picture and choose one animal. Make your choice intuitively!

7 deadly sins
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren
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TEST: Who are you from the 7 deadly sins or what passion can destroy you

No. 1. Dragon’s Sin – ANGER

Some thinkers believe that anger is a natural expression of the human soul. However, modern psychology interprets anger as a destructive feeling for a person.

Strong negative emotions are dangerous for the personality, since they destroy it, make it vulnerable, weak. If you opted for a dragon, then you often have to fall into anger. Perhaps something or someone is provoking you to do this. In any case, you should get rid of the bad habit of falling into a frenzy, as it can end badly for you.

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# 2. Fox’s wrath – GREED

Greedy people are repulsive. Nobody likes to deal with them. If you are interested in foxes, think about why you are associated with this particular vice. Perhaps you have refused to help loved ones and this subconsciously worries you.

Psychologists believe that the manifestation of greed, to one degree or another, always stimulates a person’s feeling of guilt, albeit on a subconscious level. Also, this sin can be associated with selfish motives. Get rid of such attitudes, because doing good deeds disinterestedly, even occasionally, is so pleasant!

No. 3. Goat’s wrath – LUST

The deadly sin of lust includes the manifestation of all types of human sexual activity prior to his formal marriage. Here we are talking about promiscuous sexual relations, betrayal, betrayal, sexual deviations, etc.

Remember, every action a person does has a consequence. Passion is great, but not always appropriate. Religion and psychology encourage all forms of manifestation of love and passion, but only in legal marriage.

No. 4. Bear sin – LAZINESS (or despondency)

Do you often have to give up something important just because you are too lazy to do something? If you chose a bear, you probably are. Or perhaps you often get discouraged? In any case, bear’s sin is one of the most unforgivable.

Why is that? The fact is that a person will be happy only in the process of development (so designed by God). Refusal of activity, falling into despondency is a manifestation of selfishness, distrust of God.

No. 5. Lion’s sin – PRIDE

Pride, vanity is a dangerous mortal sin. A person who considers himself better than others is doomed to drown in illusions. She cannot be happy a priori.

Not recognizing the importance and significance of others means that a person does not love himself. But, he tries to mask this dislike with pride, a demonstration of a sense of his own importance. If you chose a lion in this test, think about it.

No. 6. Boar’s sin – GLUTTONY

The first and foremost meaning of this mortal sin is overconsumption. Most often we are talking about food. A person tries to get joy from the process of eating food, as he subconsciously experiences dissatisfaction with life. But, from the point of view of religion, such behavior leads to the formation of a sense of permissiveness.

Psychologists are convinced that a person will be harmonious only if he begins to have the attitude “Everything needs a norm”.

Also, this sin can be associated with excessive curiosity. If you have chosen a boar, but do not notice the habit of overeating, then perhaps you are often too intensely interested in the lives of other people.

No. 7. Serpentine sin – ENVY

Envy is a very serious vice. It means a subconscious or conscious desire to make the object of envy unhappy. A person who is jealous cannot be happy a priori. He accumulates in his soul all the worst that eventually destroys him.

Envy is a pretext for committing crimes, betrayal and betrayal. This is an extremely destructive feeling, not only from the standpoint of human psychology, but also from the standpoint of religion.

Think about why your choice fell on the snake. You may need to work with a counselor to eradicate the habit of jealousy.

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