Who is a real man – what should he be able to do?

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase “real man”? For me, as a psychologist, this is a collective image of a man with the following character traits: strength, ambition, brutality, a willingness to give protection to a woman, etc.

I suggest you take a closer look at the concept of “real man”. Who is he and what should he be from the standpoint of family psychology? Let’s figure it out.

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What is a real man like?

  1. A real man, first of all, – successful man… It’s no secret that the fair sex loves winners. At all times, ladies have admired gallant warriors, noble knights and tournament winners. Today, when chivalry has sunk into oblivion, and hunting has become a hobby for a very narrow circle of people, the success and valor of men characterize their financial victories and the recognition of society. Today, a successful man is one who earns money and is able to provide for himself and his loved ones, whose merits are recognized by the public – be it a businessman, scientist, politician or representative of any other profession.
  2. A real man respects himself and treats others with respect… He is a good example for everyone who is around, and first of all for his own children. And for this he does not have to bring work home and show his family what a tough boss he is. A real man does not show his weaknesses to children and sets the tone in relations with them himself.
  3. A real man never gossip… He follows his words and does not chat into the void. He does not try to show that he has more than he really is, he never supports “women” discussions of other people, he will not talk about something without having the slightest idea about it, in particular about people with whom he is unfamiliar …
  4. If a real man gives word or promise, then he will keep it, by all means… He would rather face difficulties, lose money or time than not keep his promise. He understands that the word he has given is an obligation that he must fulfill. Therefore, most often he is laconic – why throw words to the wind?
  5. A real man will always be able to protect a woman and your family from conflicts, attacks and dangers.
  6. He knows how to nail in the house, and the cost of these same nails is not a mystery to him. In general, everything related to the repair is on his conscience.
  7. A real man knows how to defend his point of view
  8. A real man knows how to support his beloved woman in a difficult situation… If she has any problems, then he will definitely help her in solving them.
  9. He must be able to take care of yourself and find time for this.
  10. It supports good physical shape… Excellent physical shape speaks of self-discipline, and of lifestyle, and the willpower of the owner of a sports body.
  11. A real man knows how and does not hesitate to express emotions… Stiffness and stiffness, not the ability to express in words and actions your feelings are the qualities of boring and difficult men in relationships.
  12. In a financially critical situation, a real man will be able to find an alternative source of income… He will not pretend to be an unrecognized unemployed financial analyst, will not whine and bang his head against the wall, but will go to unload the cars until financial analysts become in demand. By the way, this is what is called – taking responsibility, including for income.
  13. A real man always will be able to serve itself at a minimum level (fry the eggs, wash the clothes with your hands, clean the apartment). It is not at all necessary to be able to cook everything, but it would be nice to have one signature dish with which he can surprise both women and men.
  14. A real man knows how to drink correctly and in moderation, or does not drink at all.
  15. He is fine versed in some area (read – has a hobby). A person who is not interested in anything other than making money is most likely boring and monotonous. The only exceptions are those for whom their favorite work is a real hobby.
  16. A real man should be able to good orientation on the terrain
  17. Great when he versed in technology. Computers, TVs, DVDs – all this you need to be able to set up and connect.
  18. A real man solves tasks and problems as they come… He acts with a positive result, and does not seek 100,500 reasons why he could not or cannot do this or that.
  19. He must be able to float well, even better – master two swimming methods, “frog style” does not count.
  20. A real man knows how to tie a tie on his own… If he is a business person, then he should know a couple of classic knots. By the way, we will modestly keep silent about the fact that fashion for tie knots changes no less often than for women’s bags.
  21. He must be able to treat wounds… In Hollywood films, of course, long-legged beauties are engaged in this, but in reality it can happen that there will be no one to come to the rescue.
  22. As for relationships with the fair sex, a real man is always will be able to prove to a woman his love by male actions, not whining on the Internet and on the phone.
  23. A real man knows how to deal with stress… This is necessary for him both for work and in life in general. To avoid stressful situations, he thoughtfully plans his time and applies his personal “soothing” technologies.
  24. He knows how to conduct a dialogue to reach a compromise. Bumping your fist on the table and a full stop is, of course, sometimes not bad. But in some situations, such a turn is not a solution to the problem.
  25. A real man knows how to communicate with children… He gets along with his own and with strangers, which adds a huge plus to his reputation in the eyes of a beautiful lady.
  26. A real man knows how to control his mind. He uses it in various daily situations in harmony with the world around him and not to the detriment of himself and others.

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But a real man needs a real woman. Of course, it’s hard to stay on top with such a frantic pace of life. Fine dresses and high heels, fishnet lingerie, makeup, perfume and walking to the gym take a lot of time and effort. But a woman, first of all, must remain a beautiful lady. Therefore, every real woman is a real man!

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