who is it and why are there more and more of them in society

A woman in her thirties, taking pictures in the forest in the form of Snow White, an adult uncle, excitedly talking about how he was able to defeat the virtual Jabberwock, a grandmother in a bright T-shirt, discussing comics and Marvel films …

No, this is not a bunch of urban madmen or lazy people who have nothing to do: we are talking about kidals – people who refuse to grow up.

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What does the English word kidalt mean?

The word “kidult” comes from the English words kid – a child and adult – an adult, and denotes an adult who is fond of not at all adult things, for example, computer games, and deliberately refuses to grow up.

The term itself appeared in the mid-80s thanks to Jim Ward-Nichols of the Stevenson Institute in New Jersey and has long been applied to men who are addicted to computer games.

But today the term has expanded significantly to encompass both sexes and with a wide variety of hobbies. It can be cosplay, fanfiction, comics, manga, or just a way of life that does not correspond to the typical ideas about “how to live” at such and such an age.

In fact, a grandmother who refuses to babysit her grandchildren, but prefers to read fantasy, or a 29-year-old girl who does not marry, but is keen on cosplay, are also scammers.

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Kidalt’s syndrome – a deviation or a variant of the norm?

If you enter the word “kidalt” into the search line, then in the answers given to you, you will surely come across such words as “infantilism” and “frivolity”.

Society is rather wary of “adult children”, considering their way of life to be a manifestation of idleness, stupidity, or simply emotional immaturity.

In fact, an infantile (that is, a psychologically immature person) and a kidalt have little in common. The first one can lead the most ordinary life, not stand out from the crowd, but at the same time think like a teenager:

  • be distinguished by maximalism;
  • inability to make decisions;
  • be moody;
  • irresponsible;
  • dependent.

Kidalt is a lifestyle, not a psychological problem or disorder. Such a person:

  • makes decisions himself;
  • responsible for their actions;
  • independent of parents or anyone else;
  • conducts life;
  • can serve himself;
  • has a job.

By the way, work for a kidalt may correspond to his hobby: such a person does not consider it shameful to create games, draw illustrations or cartoons, make money in blogs, and the like.

Kidult: who is it, and why there are more such people in society
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Kidult may well be a wealthy married man who, for example, is fond of the reconstruction of fantasy plots or a married woman with children (but adores comics). Scenarios can be very different, the only thing that unites all kidalts is a piece of childhood in the soul and in life.

Why are there more and more kidals

If you look around, it becomes obvious that there are more and more kidals in our world. Modern girls, unlike their mothers, are in no hurry to get married and have children, but prefer to wrap themselves in a blanket and pour in chips, watch Japanese anime, and then dress up as elves from Tolkien’s books.

Their grandmothers are also keeping up with blogging on Instagram or showcasing makeup wonders on TikTok.

Why did people suddenly begin to massively abandon their usual life scenarios and indulge in children’s and youthful entertainment?

There are several reasons for this, and one of the main ones is the rise in living standards. The world is changing rapidly, and if relatively recently people literally survived, today, thanks to the development of technology, we can afford to live a little, and for ourselves.

We no longer have to jump up at 5 in the morning to milk a cow, we will not boil our laundry, we do not need to make dumplings ourselves. A lot is done for us by technology, a lot can be bought ready-made, a lot has ceased to be obligatory.

In addition, morality has changed. A modern person can afford not to get married, not have children, not provide for everyone alone, or not cook for everyone. Society has become more flexible to different life scenarios and behaviors, which allows people to do not what they “need”, but what they want. And how can you condemn a person who simply lives for his own pleasure?

Kidult: who is it, and why there are more such people in society
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