who would you help first?

Our choice says a lot about our personality, especially at the moment of realizing a stressful situation or a situation that requires your quick solution. This personality test just invites you to make your choice. Look at the picture and identify the person to whom you will immediately rush to help. Your answer is the first reaction that occurs to you.

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Test: Who would you help first?  Your answer will characterize your personality.

1. Nurse

Chances are, the nurse in the picture doesn’t need help. The decision to help her means that you are a frivolous and careless person. You are not worried about serious problems in this world. You probably first saw a pretty girl and decided to please her by collecting her daddies.

You are optimistic by nature and believe that others will be okay. You take everything lightly and you are sure that dark streaks in life are short-lived. You are freedom-loving and adventurous, but frankly avoid responsibility.

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2. A man on crutches

In the picture, the man clearly loses his balance and falls. Helping him primarily means that you are a born leader. You see a helpless person and help him to get to his feet and move on, but at the same time you realize that he is a fighter and is trying to walk on his own, despite a broken leg. This reflects your leadership qualities.

You love to motivate others and respect strong people. You are active by nature, organized, rational and want to achieve the most ambitious goals, as well as help other people achieve them.

3. Crying child

Babies cry for a variety of reasons – some may be very serious and others may not. If you rush to help the baby, it means that you are extremely sensitive and cannot bear the suffering of others. You understand that the child is not able to voice his pain, and therefore crying is his only way of expressing emotions. However, what you don’t know is the real reason for crying. And it can be anyone!

It is possible that the mother is very close, and the baby is capricious and just looking for attention. Your choice means that you respond to any call for help, and your reliability is often used.

4. Old lady with a stick

It is possible that the old woman needs help while walking. Since she is wearing strange glasses, it is difficult to tell if she is blind or not. Helping her means that you are very well mannered. You value traditional values, beliefs and principles.

Your respect for your elders, your willingness to help them, reflects your altruism and high morality. You understand that no matter how old a person is, he still deserves respect and attention, and you consider it your duty to help him, because someday you will also find yourself in his place.

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