Why am I not losing weight – take a psychological test and find out

Every woman dreams of a beautiful figure. But unfortunately, not every God has awarded it. Someone, in order to lose extra pounds, have to spend long hours in the gym, others constantly deny themselves sweets.

Bologny’s editors offer an interesting and very useful psychological test for those women who are trying to lose weight. Find out what is stopping you from doing this!

Instructions for passing the test:

  1. Relax. Focus on your goal.
  2. Visualize your dream shape.
  3. Imagine doing sports (no matter what).
  4. Take a look at the available sports figures and choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Important! Do not think too long about your choice. To get the most accurate result, choose an image right away based on your liking and intuition. It is also important to associate yourself with the athlete you like.

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Option number 1 – Break dance

More than the rest, did you like the dancing guy? Well, the main psychological barrier to weight loss is rooted in your childhood.

Surely in your youth you have experienced a strong emotional shock for a long time, which you are used to “seizing”. The point is that the brain can be deceived. During the period of the release of the stress hormone, cortisol, the stomach begins to actively emit gurgling sounds, signaling the need for food. A false feeling of hunger arises. To satisfy it, a person begins to actively eat, and everything that comes into view: sandwiches, cookies, meat, fruits, etc.

Because of this, it is extremely difficult for you to always have a fit body, because no matter how much you play sports, with any nervous shock you will experience severe hunger and, accordingly, eat more often than required.

Advice! If you’re feeling very hungry when stressed, you shouldn’t rely on easily digestible carbohydrates (sweets, pasta, and baked goods). Eat vegetables or fruits instead. So you can outwit the brain and stomach, the feeling of fullness will come faster.

Option number 2 – Ball game

Your main problem that prevents you from finding ideal forms is the lack of a sense of security. There is a simple axiom in the nature of women – every woman will be happy only if she regularly feels protected.

Probably, recently the solid ground has gone from under your feet. Perhaps a loved one betrayed you or you are disillusioned with life. Overeating has become your cure for boredom. Having eaten enough, you feel more secure, stronger and gain self-confidence.

Advice! It is better to look for protection and consolation not in food, but in close people. Tell them about your sorrows, they will surely hear and understand you.

Option number 3 – Exercises with dumbbells

The strength training image is often chosen by insecure individuals. The desire to hide behind sports equipment often indicates internal complexes and tightness. You should look deep within yourself for the reason for slow weight loss.

You have strong defense mechanisms that prevent you from communicating with people, making new acquaintances, building social capital, etc.

Advice! To become more relaxed and confident in yourself, you need to step out of your comfort zone. Be in public as often as possible, do not try to avoid communication on every occasion and, most importantly, learn to appreciate yourself.

Option number 4 – Ballet

Having trouble losing weight quickly? There are enough guilty ones: bad food, stale air, annoying relatives, etc. Sound familiar, isn’t it? You are used to shifting the responsibility for your failures onto others, and you should look for the root cause in yourself.

You often have late night snacks, eat on the go, prefer fast food and, at the same time, are surprised every time that you are gaining weight.

Advice! Do not even try to start losing weight without training your willpower properly. Learn to take responsibility for your actions and accept the fact that only you are the builder of your own destiny.

Option number 5 – Gymnast

Your main enemy standing in the way of your ideal body is loneliness. You may have recently experienced a lot of stress based on deep emotional resentment. The fact of betrayal is not excluded.

You are trying to “seize” your sorrows. And it helps! However, the gastronomic consolation effect is short-lived. You clearly need to speak out. Do not be isolated in yourself. Share your sorrows and fears with friends or family. You will see, there is a person who will understand you!

And also the fact is not excluded that you are simply afraid to become attached to people. You may be comfortable being alone. But in this case, ask yourself the question: “Why am I eating so much? Is this not related to my fears? “

Advice! If you cannot get rid of internal restraining mechanisms on your own, it is better for you to seek the help of a psychologist. But, if your emotional state is stable, try to entertain yourself, such as kayaking on the river or having a milkshake in the park.

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