Why am I not losing weight – what to do if weight stands still during dieting and exercise

Weight does not go away, I don’t lose weight - why, and what to do?Diets, gym, hard home workouts – maximum effort! But the result is not, and that’s it. All the same volumes, all the same sadness from the lack of results and all the same wardrobe.

Why doesn’t weight go away? What mistakes do we make and what interferes with effective weight loss?

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13 Major Weight Loss Mistakes – So Why Does The Weight Stagnate?

Oh, this treacherous arrow of the scales! Or maybe she still broke? What is it, electronic scales!

And yet – why, after training to exhaustion and a half-starved daily ration, there is no weight loss?

Why is weight on a diet

We study the main reasons and draw conclusions!

  • You eat too much in the afternoon. That is, the most solid volume of all meals falls on this time. Yes, there are people who can eat at any time and in any quantity, but they are rather an exception. The rule is one – “give the dinner to the enemy!” And if you don’t want to give, then eat 2-3 hours before bedtime (approx. – no later!) And only light food (kefir, salad, unsweetened cookies, fruits, etc.).
  • You are a snack lover. Either during the process of preparing dinner for the household, then a sweet bun for a cup of coffee, then a piece of cake with tea for the company with her husband, and so on. As a result, 5-6 meals (that is how many of them should be) you turn into 8-10. Give yourself a hand when they reach for those extra calories again, and be more mindful of what you eat.
  • You are used to eating under TV or an interesting book. If you want to achieve results, give up this bad habit. Dinner (lunch, etc.) under “something” is always more than eaten in 1 meal, and more cm at the waist after. First we eat, then we rest.
  • Hidden fats. Eating in public places, you will never know how many calories you were “poured” into the dish. What if there was more than 1 tbsp / l of oil? Or the sour cream was too greasy. And so on. Eat at home! So you will know exactly how many calories are entering your body with food.
  • Hidden carbohydrates. Yes, yes, and they can also subtly harm your weight loss process. By the way, they are even present in dietary juices.
  • You hardly drink water. But water is extremely important for burning fat, normalizing the digestive tract, and metabolism. At least one and a half liters per day!
  • Your sleep pattern is knocked down or you are just getting too little sleep. And with disturbed sleep or lack of sleep, the level of insulin and sugar rises above normal. In addition, proper sound sleep helps burn calories.
  • You haven’t noticed any muscle growth. Remember, intense training is not only about burning fat, but also gaining muscle mass. That is, the excess goes away, and the muscles grow and strengthen. As a result, you do not see the effect, although it is.
  • You eat once or twice a day, but a hefty portion. Also not an option. You need to eat fractionally – 5-6 times / day and in mini-portions, so that the food is well absorbed and is not deposited on the sides.
  • You eat on the run, swallowing your food like a boa constrictor. Wrong approach! Stop and eat like a human. The slower you eat, the better you chew your food, and the better / faster it will be absorbed.
  • Your diet is too monotonous. You may be missing any vitamins, minerals, or proteins. Create a balanced menu for yourself so that your body has enough of everything.
  • The metabolic rate is different for everyone. The higher it is, the faster we lose weight. But in addition to individual factors, it is also influenced by age, general condition, time of day, etc.
  • You have problems with your digestive system. If you observe symptoms such as heartburn, frequent bloating or hyperacidity, stomach pains, constipation, etc., then you need to go to a gastroenterologist and check the body. And the main thing, of course, is to choose the right products. Avoid foods that are too “heavy”, causing bloating and heartburn. Switch to foods that help your digestive tract (fermented milk products, olive oil, dried fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads, beets, etc.).

Of course, there are many more factors influencing the “retention” of weight. But the main thing is proper nutrition, correct fitness diet, daily regimen and correct physical activity.

And more, just in case, check your thyroid… It often happens that the reason is precisely in it.

Weight loss mistakes

What to do if I do not lose weight, although I eat little and do sports – recommendations for effective weight loss

If you do not go deep into science and explain simply, metabolism is the rate at which all foods eaten are converted directly into calories.

How to improve metabolism and lose weight effectively?

Some people who lose weight naively believe that eating little is enough to lose weight. Unfortunately, this is only partly true, because proper nutrition alone is not enough for a full-fledged metabolism, and you need to approach the problem in a comprehensive manner.

So, what if you are putting in a lot of effort but not losing weight?

  • We count calories and correlate the number of calories eaten with your daily load. The body should get exactly as many calories as consumed during the day.
  • Balanced diet. We give preference to complex carbohydrates, replace sugar – with honey, buns and sweets – with dried fruits and nuts, berries, we refuse fried immediately and categorically, add fish, etc. No need for cardinal restrictions on food! There is no need to torment yourself with kefir-buckwheat diets or sitting on apples for 7 days a month. You just need to eat right! We change all unhealthy foods for useful ones, split meals (by 5-6 r / day), drink water, do not eat before going to bed.
  • Calorie counting! There are many tables for this, and it is not possible to define your labor standard today, in our age of the Internet.
  • Physical regular activity. Nobody forces you to pull the barbell and “kill” time in the gym on the “drying”. Even with a full workload, you can find an opportunity to help your body. Live above the 3rd floor? No elevators! Only on foot! 2-3 stops before work? Get out early and stomp your feet. Vacuuming your apartment? Play music and vacuum while dancing. And if you can ride a bike, swim and jog – it’s perfect!
  • Try outdoor sports. And in general, be more on the street. Oxygen is essential for proper metabolism.
  • And again – about water. Soups, tea / coffee in liters and juices on the run are not water, these are “other liquids”. Water should be drunk from one and a half liters per day. Moreover, not in one gulp, but in sips and slowly, dividing the daily volume into several doses.
  • We drink tea and coffee without sugar. Better yet, we refuse them altogether. We replace it with kefir, water, natural juices, compotes and fruit drinks.
  • We are replenishing reserves of Vitamin D! That is, we often walk in the sun.
  • We sleep at least 7 hours a night (just for the night, do not confuse your regime, even on vacation).
  • Shower in the morning! With the help of a contrast shower, you will help to strengthen your body as a whole, improve blood supply and, accordingly, increase metabolism. We start with cool water, then go to warm water, finish with cold water. In the evening – the opposite.
  • Don’t forget to have breakfast! This is generally the most important meal of the day. It is breakfast that energizes you for the whole day. Ideal is oatmeal with berries and nuts, whole grain bread with low-fat cheese, scrambled eggs or cottage cheese.
  • We eat citrus fruits. These fruits contain essential citric acid, which plays a significant role in the energy cycle.
  • Build muscle mass. The higher the muscle mass, the higher the metabolic rate (proven fact): every 1 kg of muscle is 13 calories consumed / day to support them. For comparison: 1 kg of fat “eats” only 5 calories. Strength training is the activation of all the muscles in the body and the active burning of calories, and therefore the acceleration of metabolism.
  • We regularly change the intensity of the loads. This strategy will help you burn calories more efficiently. Note: The higher the intensity of the exercise, the longer the rise in metabolic rate will be.
  • Omega-3 foods are a must in the diet! They help us regulate the level of the hormone leptin, which affects the rate at which the body burns fat. Look for essential acids in fatty fish, walnuts, and flaxseed oil. Or just drink fish oil.
  • Strict diets – “in the firebox”! That is, we refuse diets that involve 1200 calories / day. With them, muscle mass is lost, and we really need it to increase metabolism. Too strict a diet “gives” a decrease in metabolism and, as a result, a quick return of lost pounds after a “hunger strike”.
  • We observe (strictly!) The balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. On your daily diet – 40% carbohydrates with proteins and only 20% fats.
  • Let’s not forget about foods that help burn fat. We eat oatmeal and broccoli, always fresh vegetables, fish in various forms and flax seeds, spinach, grapefruit and cinnamon, seaweed and liver (this is not the whole list, of course, but the most effective products).

Why weight stands and does not go away with diet and sports

Well, do not forget about other, no less pleasant ways to speed up metabolism. That is, about positive emotions, outdoor recreation, bathhouse or sauna, sex, sports.

And – stop looking at the scales!

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