Why are Priluchnye getting divorced? The reason lies in their faces

When divorcing public people, they voice only those reasons that lie on the surface: “They did not agree with the characters”, “We understood that we are different people” and others. However, at the heart of all family discord is always an inability or unwillingness to communicate. Sometimes it is very difficult to hear the needs of another. To be able to convey your thoughts to a loved one in time and correctly.

This, unfortunately, is exactly what happened in the Priluchny family. And what a beautiful love story they had …

To understand human relations, we are helped by such a method of determining the type of personality, as physiognomy.

Physiognomy – the art of face reading, which helps to learn about the mental qualities and state of human health.

Determination of character by the features of a person’s face allows you not to expect what a person, in principle, cannot give.

Physiognomist examined Priluchny's facial features and voiced the reason for their divorce
What does the shape of the nose say, for example?

Physiognomists distinguish 5 zones of compatibility:

  1. Brows.
  2. Ears (especially the lobe).
  3. The ratio of the upper and lower lips.
  4. The bridge of the nose.
  5. The outer corner of the eye.

Ideal appearance: fleshly pleasant color, smooth areas.

The imbalance is caused by: wrinkles, scars, moles and warts, age spots. Experts pay attention to their size, color, elevation above the skin.

Physiognomist examined Priluchny's facial features and voiced the reason for their divorce
Physiognomy for wrinkles

Consider these zones by Pavel Priluchny and Agatha Muceniece


From the photographs of Priluchny, you can see a scar in the eyebrow area. This pushes him to rash acts. And Agatha’s eyebrows are uneven – this provokes her to emotional actions. The tip of her eyebrows lets her know that in a relationship with her husband, not everything is as smooth as she would like.


In both, the antihelix breaks out – this speaks of the strength of the personality and rebellion. However, in Priluchny it is more noticeable. The expressiveness of the intergranular tenderloin speaks of morality and craving for aesthetics. The combination of rebellion with minimal moral principles in Priluchny should have alerted Agatha and not allowed to provoke a conflict, but Agatha has features of the structure of the lower lip that did not allow her to understand this.


The pronounced lower lip of Agatha Muceniece suggests that she perceives the world through the prism of herself. This good egocentrism did not work in the “X” hour, since there are no signs in the face to make calm, balanced decisions in emergency situations. But there is a tendency to be resentful and push through their decisions.

4. Nose

The hump on the dorsum of Priluchny’s nose, in combination with protruding earlobes, indicates a need for care, but an unwillingness to compromise. A collision was inevitable. Quarantine aggravated everything and threw it out.

Conclusion: the incompatibility of the characters of Agatha and Paul “on the face”. Their parting was a matter of time. Only a good psychologist and a desire to work on relationships could save their attitude.

Physiognomist examined Priluchny's facial features and voiced the reason for their divorce
Agata Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny broke up

“The face is a reflection of your inner being at this particular moment in time. Changing from within, you change the future! “

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