Why doesn’t Tiffany Haddish want to date divorced fathers?

Actress Tiffany Haddish doesn’t want to date men who already have children. She used to like Drake, but after he had a son, she lost interest in him.

The 39-year-old star of the comedy “You Can’t Foole Us” spoke to reporters about how fascinated with Drake. In October 2017, the musician and his girlfriend Sophie Brusseau had a son, who was named Adonis. After that, Tiffany tempered her ardor.

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“He has a child now, I won’t be able to date him,” Haddish explains. – He is raising a son, on the LeBron James TV show, he showed everyone his photographs.

The actress considers herself selfish. And in relationships with fathers of young children, it is impossible to be in the spotlight.

“I want to be number one for my chosen one,” admits Tiffany. – And I have already tried to get acquainted with men who have children. You fall in love with these wonderful kids, and then you no longer want to have anything to do with their daddy. But you keep seeing him because you can’t upset the little ones. No, I would rather be free from such obligations.

The actress doesn’t like dating celebrities at all. Drake, as the man of dreams, was the exception to this rule. She wouldn’t go to a cafe with someone from Hollywood, but she would try a blind date.

“I had a blind date at my prom,” she recalls. – We had a great time. So I have nothing against such meetings.

Haddish starred in Drake’s video for the song Nice For What, after which he invited her for a cup of coffee. But at the last moment, the singer canceled the meeting due to “extraordinary family circumstances.” It cost Tiffany $ 100,000.

“I love myself very much,” Haddish adds. – And I’m very busy. I would like to meet someone. But I don’t have much time for that. If someone invites me to spend an evening with him, I would like to allocate more time for that. For this I rake the work schedule, it also takes time. Drake told me, “Let me invite you to dinner.” And the commotion began, no worse than before filming. I waxed my mustache above my lips. I performed the same procedure in the armpit area. Bought a nice little dress, postponed filming, for which I was supposed to be paid $ 100,000. When he canceled everything, I said, “Okay, I’m fine.”

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