Why is guitarist Brian May advising rockers to get nails?

Guitarist Brian May surprised fans when he stated that rockers don’t go on stage without a manicure. The most brutal, honest, most “masculine” genre of music requires this approach.

Brian has been performing with Queen for many years. The constant playing of the guitar, he claims, erases nails into dust. The musician visits a special salon next to his house, where his nails are extended with acrylic gel. He doesn’t mind losing artificial plates for the sake of music.

May, 71, is an old school artist. When he started his career, there were no such inventions. And he wiped his fingers bleeding on his tours.

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Now Brian is so happy with the find that he recommends it to all guitarists. And many instrumentalists, with his light hand, also became regulars in beauty salons.

“I’m addicted to gel powder these days,” May admits. – My nails can’t stand guitar playing. In fact, these plate covers have changed my life on tour. I recommend them to all guitarists. They are as hard as iron. When they do fall off and wear off (after about two months), the nails are in a hopeless state. So you have to go back to the salon again.

After the release of the critically acclaimed film Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen announced another series of tours. The biographical tape tells the story of the cult vocalist Freddie Mercury.

In July and August 2019, the band will play over 20 concerts in the US and Canada as part of the Rhapsody Tour. The soloist will be Adam Lambert.

“This is a great opportunity,” Brian explains. – Our last tour was the most ambitious production of our career, it got the best reviews. And we decided to tear the hall apart again. We have become even more ambitious!

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