Why is musician Ollie Mears often lonely?

Musician Ollie Mears believes that he is not a gift for girls looking for new acquaintances. The main difficulty lies in the fact that beauties come on a date with a ready-made opinion about him. They judge by programs and clips. And they do not want to perceive Merce as an ordinary person, and not as an image from the screen.

The 34-year-old singer is usually lonely. But he is actively looking for his soul mate. Finding a girl to meet is not so difficult: they go on dates with him with pleasure. And he does not succeed in building long-term relationships.

– Dating is easy for me, it’s easy for me to organize, – says the artist. – It is more difficult to find a girl who is looking for me. They already have some preconceptions about me. I may not be what they expect to see. They move into a completely new world, where paparazzi can run after them, and then their photo appears in the newspaper. They may also think that I am not as cute as I appear on TV. They think that in real life I am not so nice. For me, everything is elementary: it’s just the first meeting with someone.

Ollie Moers

Ollie Moers sings

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For about three years, Mears dated Francesca Tomas, but their romance was ended in 2015. The singer believes that he did not save the relationship, because he was an egotist, fixated on his career.

“I guess when I was with my ex-girlfriend, I behaved self-centered,” he philosophizes. – My career has always been the most important thing for me. I didn’t want to lose what I had. I guess this happens to all ambitious people who want to have a successful career: for this you have to be selfish. When I first met Francesca, I was going to tour America with One Direction. And then he returned and immediately hit the road with Robbie Williams. I was always on the plane, always flying somewhere, doing something. For her, all this, I suppose, was extremely difficult.

Ollie Moers Francesca Thomas
Ollie Moers and Francesca Thomas

Ollie Mears Francesca Thomas at the table

Now the creator of the hit Troublemaker is confident that he will become an exemplary friend for his girlfriend.

“I’m sure that now I would be better with someone,” the singer adds. – I am now in a completely different position than I was before. That relationship helped me realize what I was doing wrong. I will make sure that the next girl gets the main priority in my life, so that she is not a random fellow traveler. This will be our common journey through life, not only mine. We will be together everywhere. Learn from mistakes.

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